Wednesday, December 26, 2007

La la La!!

A'ight, 1 more day plus to World's!!

Wat's tht u ask..

Well, World's is a tournament, where the universities from all around the world (hence the name World's) enters the tourney for debate.

I checked yesterday, and there's 391 teams!! Whoa!!!

Been uptight lately due to loads of decision to be made. Who to be sent there, confirmation, flight tickets, bla bla bla. But all's been good. All done in the end!!

While i'm kinda worried that we ain't prepare no shit, but heck, i'm pretty confident with our capabilities. So just chill...

Things to make u jealous:
1. Everything's paid, food, accommodation, social events, flights (just have to claim back)
2. IT's in Thailand
3. Get to see girls from around the world. Yep, Around the world.
4. The uni hosting this event, the Assumptions Uni, is very big and nice, similiar to a palace!!

Wah Ha Ha Ha..

I'll take lots of pictures, and try to post em up.

TAta, signing out

Friday, December 21, 2007



Holy shit... i din even prepare a single shit..

It was last minute, i guess 1 team couldn't make it, so the one spot goes to UTM.

Only 1 team though, so i't Mel and I.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now tht the state of euphoria has passed slightly, came the impact of dread.

FUCK WEI!!! 245 BUCKS!! U know how much of money is tht ar?? For some plastics some more!!

Ok ok, let's lay out the reasons
1. Aw come on, i scored well for my 3rd sem (3.93)
2. I've been saving for it, how many months i went on IndoMie....
3. I pulled my family together goddammit!!!
4. My team went to Quarters in Royals!!
5. Please..... I really wanted it....

Phew... Ok! Sounds good enough of reasons to me.

La la la

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shit... Damned bored sitting at home. Been on a Dota/CS streak for like, gosh i dunno how long.

The latest news is down right scary man.... Hindraf associated with terrorist group? The Tamil Tigers? Walaueh.... Is it the truth or just the gov spinning the media? hmmm...

Fly FM's got some kinda, well, catchy ad's lately. Heard the Digi's latest one? It sounded really really gay.... "Jonathan! Omg, U look grreeaaaatt..." Keep your ears up on tht... Haha!

Another one was the S'pore package thing, "My husband la, never let me drive.." Sounds really like Rosie, but high pitched. Hahaha....

Sigh.... Hands itchy but went googling for Destiny Gundam again... Aiyo it really rocks la.. But got no money to buy ady.. All went to fix my car. Shit....

Normal Master Grade is at RM 160.. Extreme Burst mode is at RM 240. Wat's the difference?

The translucent wings, extra parts, chrome coat. Do all the these worth the extra 60 bucks? (Do all these plastic junk worth 200 bucks???) Yeah i'm sure some will be asking me the question in the bracket...

If it's just the extra parts, i guess i'll settle for a normal MG Destiny. If the Burst modes give a better body articulation, then yeah!

But it's my obsession!! I've got really weak points for gundam and sport shoes. WTF...

On the other hand, Strike Noir looks great as well.

During the Raya hols i almost, ALMOST buy this. Too bad i couldn't find the ATM. The boss give me a 20% discount, so it's only at RM 125. Otherwise it's 155. ARGH!!!

OH well... Tht's it about my obsessions... Nay.. I don't expect ppl to give me gundams for my birthday nor any other occasions. Fuck it's super expensive la.

But it'd be nice though to receive it as a gift... hahaha

Signing out

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hinder Aft

Well duh, i don't think it's viable for me to name the post directly as to the big issue happening in our beloved (?) country. Well if u still don get what i mean, read the title fast.

From what i've gathered, the issues raised was these:
1. Temple being demolished
2. They demanded to be compensated, from the UK gov for bringing in labour from India during their occupation in Malaya. Specifically, they demanded RM 1 million for each person, thus amounting to RM 4 trillion (tht's alot of zeros).
3. A more transparent election.

The gov argues:
1. The rally was illegal.
2. The rally disrupts peace, especially the traffic.

1. Gov, esp Pak Lah, is really pissed.
2. The Indians, though not all, are really pissed too.
3. The shopkeepers where the rally was held, are even pissed-er. Their shops were practically wrecked.
4. Drivers (like me) are pissed with all those roadblocks.

Conclusion? Everyone is pissed off. And for what reasons? Urgent and important issues, yes. But not to the extend till to take it to the international level. When the Hindraf leaders brought the issue to UN, as well as ICJ (International court of justice), I feel this is really too much.

Hindraf accuses:
1. Gov have left the Indians out especially in the economic growth.
2. Gov has oppressed the Indians.

Gov denies both accusations.

When i first read of it, i felt like laughing out loud. Like WTF... Newsflash guys, like they're not the only one left out. Nay, i think the better word is that 'not focused upon'. But we're doing ok too. And on the second accusation, they've yet to prove the oppression of the government towards the Indians.

But the thing is this, when an average Malaysian, especially the Indians for this case, read of such accusations, they're gonna get pissed. While the claim is definitely questionable, not all are gonna realise it due to the tension caused lately. In the end, most will just accept the fact that gov are oppressing the Indians, without asking for any proofs or whatsoever.

Well, IMHO, such issues can discussed WITHIN the country. What's the point of bringing this issues to UN, and ICJ?? Such disgrace to be placed upon Malaysia, especially by Malaysians ourselves!

A more transparent election? Hear hear to that. That is something everyone of us wants. While PAS claims of the 4000 phantom voters in the past election, they too have yet to present their prove.

What i feel we should be doing, is to ease off the tensions. Posting up bulletins which pretty much screams "HATE" is not helping out. Some UMNO dude suggesting that those involved in the rally should have their citizenship revoked, that is not helping either. Both actions are bound to create further tensions.

What we should do is, understand the whole situation. What i've said here doesn't necessarily points out the whole issue accurately. BUT, we really gotta help ease the situation, by not provoking any parties. No dudes not listening/not talking does not count. Expression of opinions are definitely important, as long as it is just and not too one-sided.

A'ight. Enough talking here. Feedbacks welcomed.

Signing out.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I’m pretty sure some of us, in fact, many of us have come across such situations. Situations, when u wanted something or someone in particular, but just couldn’t have it. Problems like he/she doesn’t return your feelings, or inseparable differences, or anything of that sort. Simply put, rejections.

Many faced and came across rejections before. Even more have been on the evil side, the one who does the rejection. So, it’s not really foreign now eh?

What happened lately was this (it’s not unto me, but to friends who are close to me), how unfamiliar events cause them unable to react, and put them in quite a confused state.

To simplify the story, I’ll use a third person point of view, i.e. her.

She was content living alone, living a single life. She was carefree, and being able to do things she wants without any constraint or obligations to any other parties (except to the police of cos).

But then, she has her own desire, her feelings towards a particular man. She wanted to move on and take it to the next level with this man. But due to some circumstances, she was unable to.

But what I’m wishing to discuss is this part.

Came along this other guy, who adores the girl, who loves the girl for who she is, and respect her in whatever she does. In fact, he’s almost everything she wanted the man (the one she liked) to respond. But in the back of her mind, she seems unable to rid of the man. Everything the guy did, she compares him to the man.

While she’s upset that the man gave her some illogical reasons, e.g. of different financial status, bla bla bla, she resorts to the same thing. She gave pretty much unreasonable reason to the guy, for unable to accept him. No time, no money, bla bla bla.

The very problem that most of us face is this, at times we wanted something so much, we tend to brush aside other things that came along. So focused we were in pursuing that initial item, that we forgot to look at the beauty of these ‘side’ things. Who knows, the thing that we wanted so much in the first place, wasn’t as good as we thought it were. More often than not, because of the difficulty faced to achieve it, we tend to believe the end result will be worthy of the effort we’ve put in.

Not the case.

However clich├ęd this sounds, we should always appreciate the ones around us. Or rather, right in front of us.

So yeah, I pretty much talked on the same damn thing to my friends who come across to such situations. I feel, we should instead of placing all the attentions on the ones we had crush on, why not give the ones who’s feelings are sincere a chance.

In fact, why not give yourself a chance? A person, who’s willing to change for you, respect you, love you for you, why not give both of each other, a chance? I mean, such person doesn’t come along very often. And when he/she does, are you just gonna let him slip pass?

Happiness, I believe, doesn’t fall from the sky. It is instead, something worked out mutually and together.

The reason on how a couple stayed strong together, isn’t because of the number of happy moments they have. But instead, the number of unhappy moments, and how they overcome it. How they communicate, and work things out together. That, I believe, is how couples get stronger and stronger as the years pass.

I’m writing this post because I felt some of us, were unable to see the goods in life, which are right in front of them.

Of course I might be wrong, but I have my reasons. If u say otherwise, let’s hear it.

Hear ye hear ye indeed.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Some phrases which really add spices to my life so far…..

“Kin wai, u’re the president for debate club.”

Oh kaaaaayyy… That’s…. good?

I’ll need a lot of help and guidance from the seniors and the Exco board.

So wat’s next?

Onto Royals of cos…
On one of the pre-lim rounds.

“I’ll give the verdict, and the reasons why the debate went that way. I gave the win to…”
*drum rolls*

Woo hoo!!!!

And the moment that really increase our rate of heart beat, the time when the announce which team makes it to the quarter finals:
“Breaking first, with 5 wins, UiTM A.”
It went on, with each count, our heart beats ten times faster than the previous one.
“Breaking 5th, with 4 wins, UTM A.”

SAY WHAT???? YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my team!!

It was one of the best moments, to go on to the stage to stand among the representatives of the teams that broke, to be along side of the strongest teams; UiTM, UM, etc.

Next, of cos, the quarter finals itself…

“In room 4, the quarters junior category, UMS vs UTM, with a 2-1 split decision, the win goes to…”

Please… say UTM, or Opposition, or the ‘motion falls’….


Awww… Oh well, we put up a good fight. Heck, it was very good news we came so far, looking at our history. The senior team broke as well, but same thing, knocked out in the quarters.

Ever since the black date of UTM’s debate history, we’re finally back in the map, when we are making progress and gaining recognition. Senior team breaking in last year’s Royals, Senior team getting to Finals in the NHSD last October, and now both Junior and Senior team breaking in the Royals. Such progress marks the coming back of UTM.

Of cos, I’m feeling all the pressure of the world upon my shoulder blades, to continue the legacy of the club.

Will I be able to fulfill the expectations of others?

Will I be able to continue the good job done so far?

Will I, simply put, make it?

When such doubts occurred, it was time when Kin Lik and Keith, the previous presidents, talked to the Exco board and I. Whenever I need help/guidance/advice, they’ll be around to help. Mel and others assured me that help will always be around, and we’re gonna work it out as a team.

That’s when, I felt whole lot better. In fact, I felt it’s not so bad after all.

Of cos, with such responsibilities, it’s time for me to abandon some of my humor. Gotta joke even less now. Really gotta watch my actions now on.

There’s been a few downs lately between May and I, especially during the Royals. Just on the day the tournament starts she sent a message, which really got my spirit down. I had trouble separating my personal issues from the official things.

I really don’t feel like discussing it here, but all’s well ends well. After much talk, we’re back at it together again. Today her uni friends came over for a visit. So we took them to the newly opened JJ, and dinner at Tetra. Was glad they enjoyed themselves.

But more importantly, may and I really enjoyed the day out. We went to JJ earlier, and somewhat on a date. After such long apart, and of the problems lately, it felt really good, how we were able to be close to each other and just laugh at stupid jokes (more often that not made by me).

So, basically this first week of my hols, were really trying for me. But rest assured, it’s all good at the end.

Till next time,
Signing out.

P.S: My mum says my dad plans to sell off my Waja, and I’ll get my dad’s Camry. WooHoo!! But of cos I’m still more than happy to drive the Waja.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yeah... exam is over and done with. Very glad it's behind me now. And it's pretty quick, of 6 subjects the results for 4 were out. I'm happy wit it, though could've been better...

So, i got an A-, 1 A and 2 A+. Woo hoo!! My carry marks and the final paper for the a- subject wasn't that good, and hence only an a-. Got only myself to blame of cos.

Make no mistake, there's no difference is points for A and A+, it's the same damn 4.0. Pointless, but wtf.

My course finishde the exam kinda late, but i prefer the schedule to be like this. Between each paper we got like 4/5 days to study for it, instead of like an avalanche of papers. Tht's why can chill after each paper.... lol

Royals is like 3 days away, so we've been training kinda intensively. Yeah it rocks of cos. Hopefully this Royals will be as good as the previous one. Wit the 3 senior graduated, and lack of 'happy' people around, i sometimes doubt if it''ll be enjoyable. Oh well wtf, at least Mel and Iskandar can turn up the atmosphere..

Another good thing this sem, i started the sem weighing at 72/3 kg. I reduced it to 67 kg now. Woo hoo!!!

And like going on a further diet, i got myself food poisoning. Wtf of cos not intentionally la!! Tht day went out wit Mel, the day after her b'day. So like for lunch, we had this rice burger. Yeah it's made of rice. Dunno why my system can't digest the damned thing, so suffered indigestions.
So like puked and got diarrhoea... Sucked big time man...

And till now, i'm yet to recover my appetite. Every time i ate i get this wanna puke sensation. Maybe i'm becoming bulemic eh... Haha. All the better for a diet plan..

FYI, the Royals will be held in UiTM Shah Alam, which is very near to Bkt Raja JJ. Come over have a look! OR maybe like giving me some support will be nice..... Haha.

A'ight, signing out, till next time wit a more provocative issue

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No i'm not talking about birthdays, nor Valentine days, nor any sort of celebration....

It's my car!! First the rear window shattered. Tht cost me RM34o to fix it.

Now, the back tyres are so bald u can see the interior of the tyre!! Fix... Cost another 330...

Damned.... Guess there'll be no new Gundam for me this hols....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The recent National Health and Science Debate held in IMU last saturday; 28th Oct.

UTM sent 4 teams, out of which 3 teams broke into quarters!! My team was 1 of the 3. Yeah it feels great. Furthermore, the old man's team went all the way to finals!! Although they lost, all of us felt this is the beginning of UTM's comeback to the debating arena..

Once upon a time, UTM debate team was feared among the other teams. But, things got worse and worse, as the lack of passing down the knowledge to the juniors. The black day of UTM, when we were banned from joining the All Asians Debate until we settle the debt, which actually spells out permanently.

The cause:
UTM was hosting the All Asians, which that year was when bird flu started. So, it was postponed, and some teams have to withdraw, as there're some clashes in their schedule.

Well, they wanted refund, but UTM has already closed the accounts. At the end, they din get back their money. Yeah they're pissed.

In the next All Asian's Meeting, the issue of UTM was brought up. It was actually a backstabbing act.... Of all uni's, UM was the one who suggested to ban UTM. This was seconded by the Japanese uni.
The thing is, UM as a M'sia uni should understand the bureaucracy involved to get the money. It's not easy and takes a long time. The cause was because the Chief Adjudicator for that All Asians was from UM, and he didn't get his money (it was only RM 800 fyi), hence the suggestion for banning.

And yes, UTM is banned for life. But fuck it, so what. it's not gonna stop us. We'll only attend one less tourney then.

More importantly, as the old guys told us, we're coming up again. We broke the in previous year Royals, and the recent achievement in NHSD, it's all looking good.

Gotta keep the club growing. One thing for sure, is that i'll be here till i graduate. Hopefully the others gonna stay as well. I'm gonna need all of you guys help..

Till then, this is just another rambling from the ass..

Farting out

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So i'm back in uni again. Woo hoo! Isn't that great? Oh yeah...

Alright stop it. It was a futile attempt to act happy...

For the previous times where we've gotta go back to our uni, this is the first time that i'm leaving first before may. Well, it's equally sad as well to see her waving goodbye to me outside her house.

But it wasn't so bad this time. Why.... I guess it must be the workload i'm having, so many bloody assignments to finish in such limited time. ARGH!!! Maybe i shouldn't have gone back at all..

But then again, if i didn't i'd go crazy i'm sure. It's been like forever since i last saw may, and my friends of cos. Haha, another futile attempt to save my ass. Sorry la to others it was only few days ma.

Hmmm... Lots of things on my mind now. Later maybe will post another entry eh.

Till then, signing out.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Saw my lecturer the other day in JJ Bkt Raja!! Woo Hoo wat a pleasant surprise....

For the first time, she's in T-shirt and Jeans, and NOT baju kurung...

Yeah this post is lame. tata

Yay back to Klang. Woo hoo...

The drive back was boring.... driving at 120 km/h all, ALL the way... So totally unlike me...

Ah yes... After such a long absence, seeing May is goooooood....

Yeah tht includes some other friends as well.
In which during that little gathering, this lil hot topic came out..

I.e. the recent launching of M'sian astronaut to the space. Woohoo!
Well, the recent issues were the amount of money burnt... i mean spent for his trainings, bla bla bla.
Yi Jiang added they have a 20 minute fireworks at Putrajaya on that night.

Yep, seems like lots of money put to waste.... i mean put to good use (?).

Ah and the recent incident. Toda to be exact. Seems like the Malaysian system are totally being tested. Be it the work of God, or just fate, it works for me.

First was the bus system, now it's the ferry system. Very very standard Malaysian protocol, nothing can be done about it until the newspaper reports it. Now only they found out the ferry got invalid license. Now only they found out the ferry is not seaworthy. Hah! And lives were lost. Explain that to the families, mo-fo's!!

A traumatic experience to the victims. A daughter lost both her parents and her boyfriend. Another watch helplessly as an old woman drowns.

Indeed, another true beauty of our M'sian gov system. Bunch of mo-fo's running the place. "Budak buka kepala, tengok depan la, dua puluh dua puluh..... Na Na Na Na, NA, na na na na Na..."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Over and done with the interview. Some of the questions asked really caught me off guard..

"Can u tell me, like what's your weakness?"

Whoa.... It's not like i have none, i have plenty!! The thing is, i've gotta choose carefully, so not to give him an impression that i'm unreliable. Like? Lazy, not on time, inconsistent etc etc. Those will almost definitely jeopardise my chances...

Oh well, seems like they'll be calling those who're viable for a second round. The thing is though, i forgot to ask when will it be. ARGH!!! The anxiety of waiting all over again....

I'll be going back to Klang 2moro. Yay!!! Get to see May after such a looooooonnng time. Yeah yeah get to see my friends as well of cos. The sucky part is that, i'm driving back. And the police will be extra thirsty for a cup of tea, wit extra sugar, as according to NamaWee.

How i always tend to think too much and complicate matters. In this case, complicate the questions. Done not too good in the tests. Babi la the question was actually so simple. Dammit!!

Nvm that....

Finished watching Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny as well. Well... It's a bit disappointing, but expected. Some part of the storyline is really questionable. And the actions are a bit repetitive. But hell, i still love watching Gundams fight.

I'd call it prank. But i hope it'll end. Dammit some motherfucker took my shoes!!! My leather Puma dammit!! Wat's worse? Only the left side was taken....... Wat's the meaning of this!! WTFBNN.....

Gotta cool down. Tata

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mother fucker i'm down wit flu again... It's the 3rd time this sem!!

The night before Mid-autumn i.e. monday....
Just when i thought another remarkable day is going to pass me by, my debate senior/friend Chong visit me. To return few shirts which i lent him.
Anyhow, he produced a bottle from a plastic bag. "Eh man this for u."
The first sight, it's a standard glass bottle, like those they use to fill soya milk.

The thing is, i thought it's Yellow wine, the type they use for cooking, also drinking. So i said "Man i don't drink this wan la."

"It's red wine, my mother made. It's good shit man."

He poured into 2 little glass he brought along. Took a sip, and like. "Holy motherfucker of piss and shits!! It's fantastic!!"

Wow.... it was good man.. And we sat in my room balcony and enjoy the night view. I opened a mooncake, just the thing for the occasion. Yeah..... At last, a remarkable day made remarkable in UTM....

We plan to finish the whole bottle this Thursday, along wit Melissa and Kin lik. Can't wait man..

But then, i guess the wine is too good for me, i suspect my flu came along wit it...

Cheers, to Chong and his mum! Mucho Gracias!!

Sneezing out..

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It means wat the fuck banana. Learnt it from the best, i.e. Eevon. Haha.

Exactly, man, wtfbnn. U guys read about a 6 year old girl who was found dead in a sports bag in PJ?

How wrong can a person go? According to post mortem, stuffs (u wouldn't wanna know, trust me) were found inside her vagina and anus. It's believed that so much so both the openings converged into one, single hole. Like fucked up man. How wrong can a person go?

As if that's not enough, he goes to stuff the poor thing inside a sports bag, and left it in a bookshop. Apparently the girl died of a punctured intestine. So the guy is not directly involved in her death. She was just stuffed wit stuff, so the guy is not brought under the laws of rape. So will this mean he'll be able to walk out freely?

I certainly hope to death he won't. No, spare him the pleasure of ending-it-all in capital punishment. I'd rather him have the treatment to that of those in Guantanamo Bay. Fucken monster....

Why is there such person walking around in Malaysia? Worse is, Malaysia just only proudly celebrates her 50th Independence. How can we proudly celebrates, when such criminal walks upon the face of our country? While we go around the globe shouting Merdeka, problems like this a.ka. rape and such still exist..

And in UPM lately, such issues still exist?? Wat's the whole meaning of Independence then? Wat? Malaysia for Malays only? WTFBNN man. Total discrimination, unjust and abuse of power.

Comments welcomed, flamings not.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dammit.... I'm feeling depressed for no apparent reason.

Today is the third day. I seriously dunno wat the fuck is wrong wit me. Simply has no mood to do anything at all.

Totally sucks man. Totally

Saturday, September 15, 2007


NACES are here! And over. Wat's that? It's acronym for National Chemical Engineering Symposium. I was the MC.

Yeah exactly. Why the hell is an Electrical Eng. student i.e. me doing there? Haha. Mel asked me if i could help her out, since she's in the organising committee. So i agreed, because can get paid and, can see girls from other uni.

Well at least that introduction caught everyone's attention; "Ello everyone, my name is KinWai, i'm from the Electrical Eng. fac. Yeah wat the hell am i doing here rite? Beats me man. I have no idea.."
That made everyone laughed out. A good start to chill ppl out indeed.

So what i did? Basically in charge of the ice-breaking sessions, workshops and all.

During the workshops, where participants are to prepare their paper presentation, i got really bored. Because there's nothing for me to do at all. So i went around, probing from group to group, checking out their progress. Yep, being the whip of a debater, i identified the loopholes of their proposals. Wow.... The size of the holes.. Can fit in a 2 tonne truck!! OH well..

Then was to be the moderator for a debate session. This was held the next day. I felt it was really unfair, as one of the participants of the debate was really a debater. So yes, the others got a bashing from him.

Anyhow, took pictures. Tht's the whole point of this post eh? Haha.The outcome not as good this time around (not as good as Australs.). But still, ok ok la;


WTF i can't upload my pic...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Yep. Exactly the issue here.

Do the people of Malaysia actually celebrates the glorious recollection of what happened 50 years ago?

Do the people celebrate, because they truly appreciate the meaning of independence, or do they just because other people are doing it. Or even, because to show their 'love' for the country, because if they don't then they're considered disloyal?

Hmmm... I guess one cannot deny that the thing most people are definitely appreciating is the fact it's a public holiday. The whole month of August and it's the only single public holiday. A relief to everyone eh?

The age-old question, do the young 'uns value independence? Has all the education, history and what's not, succeed in planting that little speck of patriotism amongst the young 'uns.

Hard chance. Students study hard to get A. Nothing more, nothing less. Sad, it is. Sadder when i had a friend who's just like that (many more i guess, but 1 confirmed). During the Convo Fair, there's a booth showing pictures of Bukit Kepong. He has the balls to ask me what's that. Damned.... That's wat we studied in BM Literature back in SPM eh? Wat's worse, he got straight A's. Sucked hard man....

To show love for the country.. Going around the world with Malaysia's flag? I dunno man.... But that sounds kinda, self-praise to me. The fact is, M'sia isn't exactly that advanced in terms of economy and technology. I feel before we reach the status as a First World nation, keep our trumpets down and low. But now, going around the world parading without any concrete achievement yet, doesn't sound so right to me.

But as to parades within the country, i support wit all my heart. In fact, i felt it was good of the students in my uni to go around in bikes and cars, waving the 'Jalur Gemilang' in their wake.
My friends said it was lame, but i felt it's just their way of expressing their nationalism. The only bad thing was they were still doing it even it was 2 in the morning. With all those honkings and shoutings, not so good move eh.

I'ma end my post here. Feedbacks welcomed. Flamings not.

Signing out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I didn't get it.... Boohoo.... I didn't get the scholarship...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Fuck Dammit!!!

I'm omitted from going to World's!! Fuck it!!


All for not having a passport now.. Sigh..

FYI, World's is at Thailand this time. It's a debate tourney, in which welcomes uni from all over the world to participate.

U damn right it's big.

And i missed out!! Fuck it....
Gone the chance to go Thailand for free.
Gone the chance to have fun wit friends
Gone the chance to flirt wit foreigners.

Haha. Nvm! I'll have plenty more to come!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


's been so long since i blogged eh. I've got lotsa things on my mind. Damned i might add eh.

Still on 1 week hols now. It's really boring. Loneliness has taken its toll on me. I feel like a zombie, waking up each morning not knowing wat to do.

Basically, lonely is the word-of-the-month for me. I dunno, but since the start of sem, i've been feeling lonely. Desperate? Nay, not so much of it. So much so i'm beginning to feel empty inside.

Why am i feeling this way? Few reasons i guess...

First reason of emptiness..
Maybe due to the reason it's been so long since i last saw may. Oh gosh it's almost 2 months now, and i still gotta wait for another 2 months to see her. Well, she did say to visit me in October. How i hope she will come.

Why didn't i go to her place instead?
She say the nearest hotel is about 20 minutes drive away. She got no means of transport there, so it's not so convenient. She wouldn't wan me to stay in the hostel either.

Besides, she's busy wit studies and assignments.

Hah! Yeah some of u devils out there might suggest she's seeing someone else eh? That's why she wouldn't wan me to go.
Haha. Rachel has been kind enough to remind me of that.

To be honest, i do feel worried. Worried if she is seeing someone else.
While i'm very sure she won't, but someone of her looks, i'm almost quite sure if she's catching guys attentions already.

In fact, may did tell me that a Malay guy has been flirting wit her, a bit too much. Wat i did? I laughed it off, at the same time worry as well.

Nay. I've been thinking too much.

2nd reason?
The itch!! Dammit!! I hate myself for it. ARGH!!
But i still get it under control. Still good.
There ain't much of girls here for me to flirt wit in the first place. So i guess that kept things checked.

Well, i went out wit this girl a few times. Not that i'm trying to hit on her or anything. Maybe i did that out of boredom (Haha can u believe that? Sounds like i'm a player).
No people have no intentions at doing anything more ok??

So please leave out comment like "OH..... kinwai's unfaithful!!"

3rd? There's a 3rd??
I'm really fucked up for this. Seriously. In fact, i felt it coming as well. Damn....
I'm still trying hard to get it under control. Thankfully, it is now.
Wat's the matter eh?

I think i came to like a girl, in the Australs (the debate thing i went in July). Well thankfully, she's not from around here i.e. Malaysia. Thank even more that she's not in my uni eh.

But i remember the feeling alright. Was sitting beside her in the bus. We were just talking and stuffs like that. I could feel it coming too, the stab. ARGH!!!

I hate myself for that. Of cos i kept telling myself i'd be stupid if i let go of may.
I didn't. I'm still wit may. I still love her very much.

But still, it hurts to know that she'll be leaving.
Felt dazed for few days u know. Was worse when i was back in uni. All the sudden culture shock, of non-English speaking ppl all over again.

We're still keeping in touch now. Sending e-mails back and forth. Occasionally met on MSN.
No people, we're straight.

No people there is no 4th. THink i'ma end it here soon.

It's raining. Suits the emotion inside me eh? Hah!

At least now i've got Harry Pothead to read. YAY!! It's not the original hardcover. My friend got it, he said a Bangladesh version. Quality no so good, but the words inside are the same.
So fuck, i'm content with that!

Till then eh,
signing out

Monday, August 6, 2007

My sister told me, she had some nightmares lately, but couldn’t remember what. All she can recall is the feeling of fear.

I brushed it off, thinking no big deal of it.

Until 15 minutes ago.

In my own damned room, again.

It came again.

With its crushing force upon me.

The laughter grew more sinister and demonic than the last time.

I couldn’t stop it like last time. I was scared. I was afraid.

It took control of me.

I begged for it to stop.

It did. I was aware, almost awaken. But yet not completely.

I found myself in a room, very much like that of the one I’m staying in my hostel now.

It was night time, the hallway’s light is still on.

On the other end of the room, there’s a person lying on the bed. Screaming rather, in fear.

I can’t make out of what’s happening. It’s all too dreamy, yet so real. I can only see black figures struggling.

Then it stopped. The person awaken, but no fully. Just like me. It turns out to be

My sister… She’s trembling in fear.

All of a sudden, it’s as if the electricity was out. The streetlamps went out. The hallway light went out. I tried the switches.

At first the light came. Then it was off. I then realize the switches were retaliating the force I’m exerting upon them to switch on the lights. I can feel the plastic tilting against my fingers. It was dreamy, yet so real.

The backroom door flung open. The wind was blowing very strongly towards us.

Something was coming.

And it’s very near.

That’s when I jumped back to the world of reality, right on my bed, in my bedroom.

My heart was thumping very hard. It felt like it was, tore open, as if was pierced with a lance of fear.

I’m so fucking scared. I’m afraid.

God please help me.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm back at home. Tomoro will be interview day. Among the people i knew who applied and got through for interview, i' m the first!

Ok ok everything's gonna be just fine. No worries. Everything's gonna be just fine....

Monday, July 30, 2007


Feel so lonely la. So damn restless. I'm still stuck here wit a bunch of Ma Lat Low's. Lol...

Days been tiring, classes whole day and in the evening got football training. And i skipped a meal each day. I wanna diet the fats off!!

Been enjoying my room's night view for a few nights now. Got some shots, but dunno if it's good..

Ok.... So it's not good.. Maybe i should borrow a cam from Kenneth.

Got nothing much to blog about for now. I'm tired, i'm out wit a friend and she say need to back early. So i'll stop here first then.

Signing out.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Damn like almost all the blog i went got a bit of Harry Potter...

I haven't buy the damned book yet. I DON'T WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!

Pls pls ppl, don send me comment on the book. I know it's very tempting to agitate me... But pls...

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Remember i blogged once that i've been rushing here and there to apply a scholorship thing?


Woo HOO!!! It's on 6th of August, a Monday. So i'll have to come back, as it's in Putrajaya.

Hope i'll get pass the interview as well.

Till next time,

Signing out.

P.S: Congrats to Simmei, she got it as well.

Monday, July 23, 2007

1. may lynn.
2. rachel
3. simmei
4. wen yao
5. zong zheng
6 jo lynn
7. winzhi
9. Joanne
10. ee von
11. Kenneth
12. Siew sin
13. Ling kim
14. Lemonly
15. Ken
16. Keith
17. Melissa
18. Iskandar
19. Meng Kuan
20. Brian

The Questions:

How did you meet 14?
During Australs 2007 in UTMara! Took her for a shopping date! Lol

What would you do if u have never met 1?
OMG..... I wouldn't dare to think about it... Dunno la..

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you?
20 is a no, i ain't no gay. I'd love to go out on a date with Jo N though.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
They dunno each other la... Both are ladies anyway

Describe 3.
Waah... this will take few pages. One of my good girl friends. Hot in her own way. Tends to stress herself for nothing. Lol

Do you think 8 is attractive?
I have to say yes... Otherwise she'll bomb me to pieces... ARGH

Do you know anything about 12's family?
I know she's got an elder brother in UTM studying post-graduate

Tell me something about 7.
She's my younger sis. SUPER VAIN!!!! Got plenty of her self-portrait in my laptop! Here. I shall enlighten u guys a bit

What is 18's favourite?
dunno la. Erm. Should be same like me, ladies...

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
i'ma bloody kick his ass

What language does 15 speak?
Mandarin, hokkien a bit, english a bit, malay a bit

Who is 19 going out with?
he just broke up. so we'll leave him alone k

How old is 16 now?
dunno. HE'S OLD for all i care. HAH!

When was the last time you talked to 13?
Morning. In fac cafe.

Who is 2's favourite singer?
herself. lol

Would you date 4?
totally no.....

Would you date 17?
oh yeah baby. haha. we did went out for dinner.

Is 15 single?
ya. guess so

What is 10's last name?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
Pls..... spare me from this humiliation.... ARGH!!!

Which school does 3 go to?
She's still in kindergarten, so.... Haha. She's in UM

Where does 6 live?
Tmn sentosa, klang

What is your favourite thing about 5?
he's bloody good in studies....

8 Facts About Myself!

I've done this many times too, but oh well.

taggy 2
* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I read female mags, namely Cleo and Seventeen (not so often anymore, since ShinD is not around to exchange liao). It kicks ass!

2. My group, more like trio, of close friends are girls. In fact, i prefer to hang out wit girls. Guys are kinda insensitive. A bore really....

3. I looooovvvveee my darling, May baby. Guess this is a known fact eh?

4. I love to speed... I actually kinda enjoy it when i drive back to uni or home. Speeds at around 170 km/h. Recently when i came back to UTM wit Melissa, i actually 'raced' with a Toyota Supra, we were going at 180km/h! Haha. But i guess he could've go further if he wanted. I've already floored my car. To my surprise, Mel actually enjoys the speed. Lol

5. My fingers/hands are more beautiful than my darling's. Haha. She often gets jealous of them.

6. I'm a bloody pervert. I have a comedian mind. I can't filter out ideas. Will always trying to find something to laugh at about something/someone.

7. I'm longing for beer.... But sadly no one to drink wit here. Maybe Mel will do eh.

8. I hate textbooks, reference books. So bloody heavy and costly. I rely on lecturers. BUT... since most UTM lecturers sucked hard time, i'll have to resort to books, agian..

Ppl i would tag...
1. Simmei
2. Eevon
3. Rachel
4. Iskandar
5. Jun Kit

Two taggy's. Yay!


So today we had dinner with our juniors of SEE, i.e. Electrical Eng. Students.

Took them for steamboat.

It was ok I guess. We were separated into 3 tables. The not-so-good thing was all the juniors sat at a table, with only a senior there. The rest split to two tables.

Yes there was quite less communication among us, with only Yao hogging all the juniors’ attentions. Duh, there’re 2 girls there.

After dinner went back to uni, and went to a college’s court. For some basic introductions, so that at least when meet at fac will know who’s senior/junior.

This is where I got kinda pissed. First, when we got back it was already 10.30 pm. Second, the juniors have class at 9 am tomoro. So it’s only reasonable to end it ASAP rite.

But suddenly section 2 (FYI, our course are divided into 2 sections) people came along as well. Like fuck, who called them over in the first place? Talk about uninvited guests.

Not only that, things got quite messy, as some people kept making noise and, I dunno, like wanna crash the whole introduction thing.

Yes I’ve got issues with few guys from section 2. I will do my best not to talk to them. Total fucked up. The reason we didn’t ask section 2 to just us is because we know they will not come along. They’ll have the process of “If X goes, then I go lo”. As the chain grows, when the last person don’t wanna go, everybody don’t wanna go. So save trouble, don’t ask at all.

It’s not like they wanna co-operate either. We had a brief discussion earlier today for planning. So section 2 guys happened to pass by. Nope. None of them was even interested to ask wat’s the plan, except for CY (I’m cool wit him). Well, what we heard was section 2 guys will ‘kau tim’ their transport, and already came to consensus. Well, we were surprised, but still I was a bit apprehensive.

Turn out I was right. Their consensus is that everyone don’t wanna go. Yeah. Fucked up eh?

I’m sorry if u guys, upon reading this, concludes I’m an ass after all. But I really can’t stand this guy SY from section 2. He’s short, fat and ugly. Obnoxious as well. Bloody faker. I can’t really explain it. I just fucking hate him. And just now during introduction I tried very hard to control myself. Was imagining punching him in the face. Mother ass-hole. Well at least it’s not me alone who feels this way. A few others think the same as well, maybe the magnitude is not as big as mine.

There’s a distinct border between section 1 and 2 or SEE. Our seniors feel it as well. Says them, section 1 guys at least got greet seniors. But section 2 none at all.

Fuck la. Fuck him. Life’s a bitch.

Signing out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

*drum rolls.....

DR. Rubita of Electronic Devices!!!


Man she sucked, hard time!! To the point after she spoke for 3 minutes i borrowed my friends reference book to read up on my own instead.

All she does was reading from the slide, which is in Malay, and was pretty obvious done by the previous students..

At the end of the class, after teaching for like 4/5 classes (the first for me, i skipped first 3 days), she asked the class how's her teaching method like.


I can't tell u how difficult was it for me to control myself as to not to fire her straight.
How's your teaching?

U SUCKED!!! Like how the fuck u get your doctorate?? All u do is read from the slide. Even my grandmother can do better than that!

In the end, in a very controlled manner, i told her the slide was too much and why is it still in Malay. Her response? Duh! Just like any other self-proclaimed-doctorate-lecturers would do, she enters her defensive mode.

Boo hoo...

After the class, i suggested to name her Dr. Nobita, to which my friends simply have to agree.


Signing out

Friday, July 13, 2007

Back in uni for two days now, three if u count in the day I arrived.

Just for 3 days I’ve been sweating fats out (I hope so), playing football, badminton and processing the Yayasan TAR scholoarship thingy.

The scholoarship thing sure took me to places. The form requires a recommendation from Timbalan Naib Canselor of Academic (TNC A), but she wasn’t around. So made a call to Yayasan TAR and they told me I can get the Dean of my Faculty’s instead. So went to fac but he’s not around. In the end I just resort for the Deputy Dean.

Then come the certification of the photocopies that they require. To fax my certs from house is already difficult, certification makes it worse still. Went to HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar) office to do it, but they told me they need to see the original copy, and can only get it signed don’t know only when. The guy at the counter told me alternatively I can go to fac to get it done.

The process was this, after getting the fax from the hostel’s office, I went to fac to wait for my friend who’s applying as well. We went to HEP, come back to fac to certify stuffs, then back to HEP building to send in the stuffs via Pos Express.

Maybe won’t get it, but I thought just give it a shot..

3 days….. I’m so damn restless.. Very very restless. I’m like living so far away now. Drive to faculty takes at least 7 minutes. The fuel needle’s like descending faster than I can say WTF.

Once again I’m back amongst non-English speaking people. Once again I’ve become FDG, Female-Deprived Guys. Making matter worse, this year’s intake my course only got 6 Chinese. 6!! 4 guys and 2 gals.

Yeah at least got 2 girls rite? That’s another way of looking at shit I suppose…

Lecturers so far, sucked… First class I attended I come face to face with a talented hypnotist. Never had I in my life (except from watching cartoons) heard anyone speaks with such mono tone… Just imagine how robots speak in Dexter’s Laboratory. That’s how he put me almost into a almost-asleep-yet-astounded-guy. I was sooooo hoping that 2nd year lecturers will be better.

Guess not..

At least there was a pleasant surprise for my English class. The lecturer is a Chinese, young and quite pretty lecturer. Can u say “Oh yeah baby?”

But at the end of the day, I still feel very restless. Debate meeting won’t start until next week (BABI KEITH!!!) Maybe got orientation so at least that’ll take things off my mind a bit.

Will update more later….

Signing out..

P.S: my place has yet to have Internet. Have to go to Fac to online

I’ve come across a few girls. They’re quite pretty, and gorgeous when they wanted to. They attracted guys’ attentions. But yet they remain single. Because they rejected the guys?

Hah! Maybe so, if there is any proposal for them to reject. It’s not that guys don’t like these girls or anything, it’s just that shit stuff called man macho and ego. These ladies I know are strong, self-sufficient and confident girls. So much so at times they intimidate other less superior males.

One example, just a random one, don’t try to relate to anyone u know ok. A guy likes this girl, but she somewhat falls into the above characteristics. Well, he felt slightly inadequate, in the end he didn’t try at all. Sad I’d say. Maybe if the inadequate guy tried his luck he’d have what he wanted.

Another of my friend told me this. They somewhat had attraction between each other, and were going for some time. But they live far apart though. Well, just as a surprise, the girl flew over to the guy’s place to see him. And the flight ticket’s expensive; she used all of her scholarship money for that trip. Well yeah, he did feel happy. But when she went back to her place, he broke it off. Reason? He felt she’s too strong, coming all the way just to see him.

Sad eh..

I’ve seen/heard a bit too many examples where guys didn’t try their luck in approaching the girl they have feelings on. One that I can remember quite vividly is that the guy was unsure of what the girl is hinting, so at the end he just drop it off completely. BooHoo…

On the other hand, it’s funny how guys feel/think as well.

A man/guy, will always one way or another attracted to girls, even though he’s attached/married. Always they will have this feeling of wanting to date/screw another girl.

Haha. It’s not that they got bored of their spouse or anything, the urge is sometimes just there. While some can control the lust, others who can’t more often than not end up jeopardizing their current relationship, which equals break up or divorce at the end of the day.

It’s just the itch. Hence the seven year itch. Research has shown that in most marriage divorce happens on the 7th anniversary. Maybe it’s not true, I dunno.

I have that itch too sometimes. But of course I keep it under control. I wouldn’t wanna lose may. No. Wouldn’t give her up for anything/anyone in the world.

I feel very lonely.. I moved to my new room today. I feel terrible. I feel fucked up to be back in uni with this bunch of pathetic losers. I feel fucked up to be parted wit my darling. Most of all, I feel fucked up for the fling date I had. Not that I’ve done anything wrong, but I’ve gotta admit, I do feel slight attraction towards the girl. Look, before u guys go “OHHHH…. Kinwai’s being disloyal” , under no circumstances am I going to progress anywhere further. She’s back to China, I’m back in UTM. Clear.

Attracted because she’s articulate, laughs and smiles a lot. Reminds me so much of May. I’m missing her…

I’m missing May…

I feel fucking lonely..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I’m home, again. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for UTM along with Melissa.

Just packed, and there’s so much stuffs. Damn…. In uni there’re still more stuffs. Crap.

The closing of Australs was great. Really good. The final round was held in KLCC convention centre. Nice place, great debate, gorgeous girls in gorgeous dress. What this means?

PHOTOS of cos!!

Vain Keith a.k.a. Mr Boss President of UTM debate club

Melissa… Ain’t she sweet? Haha

Girl on my left’s from Hong Kong. She’s got nice eyes.

Debater from University of Queensland in action.

Top 10 speakers of Australs. Girl holding trophy is the Best Speaker.

How can that dude sleep during debate? It was intense!!

During intervals of debate….

Champion of Australs ladies and gents. University of Queensland!!!

Me and the team from China.

Blurry… but u get the idea. Haha

Mel and a cute boy from Thailand, name’s M.

Here he is again, with his friends from Thailand..

Mr. Kuan Meng, Tan with Melissa outside Holiday Villa.

The following pictures are thru out the tourneys, and, *ahem* ‘date’.

First day, POOL PARTY!!! Yep… Girls in bikini, baby..

Definitely not something u’ll see everyday. A girl BANGING a buffalo?? Kewl…

One of the rounds I adjudicated, UM against EDIS(korea). Cute girls eh…

Gambar orang-orang kenamaan sempena Majlis Pembukaan

After dinner, at Holiday Villa.

My right’s Janet from MMU, Left’s Theng from China.

Waiting for dinner….

Intan from UiTM!!! She’s hot guys…

With celebs all the way from California, USA

ARGH!!! The light spoiled my face!!

Prae from Thailand. BEAUTIFUL dress

Peeps from MMU chilling out after dinner at Sri Melayu. FYI, they’re hiding their cigarettes..


3 sad lonesome guys sharing a bench.

We’re wagering the girl wearing black is Mr. Boss’ girlfriend.

Gay partners…

UTM and Cholalongkorn (something like that la… from Thailand)

UTM and Korea.

UTM and MMU (Cyberjaya).

Ambassadors from Thailand… Haha. Guy on leftmost is M. Cute eh….

Me, Cheryl from S’pore Poly, Ip’s from MMU, M of Thailand

Len, one of the Deputy Chief Adjudicator, giving instructions and pointers.

A perfect finale for this post. Haha.

Did I enjoy? You bet! Debate, Food, Ladies, Nice place. What more could I ask? Well, I really wished May was with me.

Signing out..

Monday, July 9, 2007

At last, Australs 2007 is going to come to an end. Tomorrow will be the last day. I’ve made a lot of friends, from other countries. Took lots and lots of picture, wit all the ladies of course… There’re many of those gorgeous ones, pretty ones as well. Not to be missed, there’re some who just, um, hook up wit other guys. Particularly, girls from Korea. They’re hot, I can tell u that. But, none really interested me. I dunno why though. Maybe for me there’s more than meets the eye.

I’ve gained lots of experience during this Australs tourney. Debate wise, I was adjudicator. I was out of the debate team for 2 reasons:

  1. Australs has a rule where each debate team must have at least a female member
  2. I was more of a whip, the team needs someone who can be the 2nd speaker as well.

So, I was out. I don’t really mind actually, although I’d be lying if I say I’m not disappointed. But nvm, I learnt a lot from adjudicating others.

Adjudication is not simple either. Instead of preparing and give your standard 7 (8 minutes for Australs though) speech, I’ve gotta listen for the whole round, and try to make out what the speakers are saying. Then I gotta make my judgement, give the win to the deserving team, and as well provide my justification.

Helps a lot really. I see now how I should structure and deliver my speech so the adjudicator can understand what I’m trying to say.

Aside from debates, I did some other things as well. No it doesn’t involve around scoring nor screwing nor sleeping with others. Well, I got along kinda well with the team from China. Apparently, they (not everyone of the team) are from Guangzhou, in other words, they’re Cantonese! They were surprised as well as glad to find that Malaysian Chinese speaks Cantonese. And so they asked me if I could bring them go shopping. Well, since I brought my car, I said yes.

Oh by the way, we were staying at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya through out the tournament. Debates round are at UiTM, so buses will take us to the debate venues everyday.

Anyhow, basically, I went on a date with the China girl(s). Maybe I’ll tell more later when I got time. I’m really sleepy now. Tomoro morning’s got semi-finals and finals.

Nitey nite.

Signing out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last night, I did something I regretted pretty much….

I scolded my sister. The reason is that she’s been neglecting her homework, to the point she have sleep at 3 am almost everyday.

This results in her being very sleepy, and often sleeps.

Extra info aside, I scolded her really hard. But what I really regret is that I slapped her face, quite hard. Twice.

That night, I found out how my parents felt when they hit me. Despite the pain and hurt when they hit me, I knew it’s my fault and I deserved it.

But what I didn’t know is how this hurt them even more.

Her face swelled. Gosh…. As the saying goes I guess, “It’s going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

It’s the first time since I lost my temper so so long ago. I thought I had it under control. But till yesterday, it broke loose.

Please don’t ask wat my sis did to deserve it. But I shouldn’t have slapped her.

Sighing out

Monday, June 25, 2007

Times like this made me feel, why do we need politicians? Or even maybe how the people chose their representative?

When a problem arises they tend to give silly and stupid reasons and answers.

Well, maybe it’s all good, even a moron can be the president of US, so what’s the big deal eh?

I was watching news the other day, just a bit of it only though. The main news were regarding the RM 2 billion tunnel, which was built somewhere in KL. It came out in the newspaper today, a whole 2-page interview with the minister who’s in charge of it.

Reading through some, he said the tunnel can’t solve the flood water 100%, but only to about 44%. Well, the reason he gave was this, the people tends to look at the big number (RM 2 billion) and feel it should be able to solve the flashflood issue completely. But this is not the only solution (not word by word though).

His arguments was around the fact that the place (somewhere along Sg. Besi) is unsuitable to build a river/big drain on, which was planned initially. So, a tunnel turns out to be the next best thing.

But the tunnel will be used at best 3 times yearly, so Pak Lah suggested if it’s able to add value to it. So, the tunnel is also an underground highway.

Well, it sounds like a good idea. Not the perfect solution, at least it works both ways eh? Tolls will be operating the highway to pay for the cost (tolls are meant to be that way rite?)

But…. It’s a tunnel meant to channel the flood water into other place/reservoir right? So water will be flowing, right? Yes, there’s a river underneath the highway for the water to flow, and when excessive water is flowing it’ll fill up the whole tunnel. In that case, how to evacuate the people inside? He said it’ll only takes 10 minutes, for evacuation, in the mean time the excessive water is to be channeled into a reservoir, which takes 30 minutes to fill up.

It is technically feasible, theoretically desirable, yet presently facing few problems.

Firstly, what if there’s panic among the people in the tunnel? Chaos inside there will be hard to be controlled. It’ll take more than just 10 minutes under these circumstances. Why panic? If flood is happening, the tunnel is going to be filled up. People inside is gonna get drown!! Somehow I feel the evacuation is not going to be easy.

The second thing which got me pissed is that in the news, they were showing a video clip sent by a UM student, showing cracks in the tunnel, and water are visibly dripping. His reply wasn’t the best possible one, even my grandma can do better than that.

He said if a crack were to be like that, the water surely isn’t going to drip like that. He’s more like implying that the video is a hoax.

I was like wow! First was the absurd cost of the damn thing. Then the effectiveness of it (less than 50%). Now he’s denying the video. One can only imagine the consequences if the crack really gave way. Something like the one in the Immigration Centre, only this time it isn’t gonna be just a few drops.

Lives will be lost. Not only those in the tunnel, the ones on top of it, i.e. ground level are going to be affected as well. I don’t know wat ter to use, perhaps cave in will be the one.

He should at least say that a maintenance crew will be sent to check out the crack, not denying it!

2 billion! That’s a good sign isn’t it? Malaysia’s economic growth must be really good to be able to spend that much of money.

Possibilities ISA will pay me a visit? Haha…

Feedbacks definitely welcomed.

Signing out…

Sunday, June 24, 2007

There it is. She’s gone away. This is the 4th time and still she left earlier than me. 4 times but I still can’t fight the tremendous feeling of sadness within me, to see her go off, again.

I’ve stifled a cry 3 or 4 times. She kept telling me not to cry. May’s family had gone to Muar for her cousin’s wedding. They left at 4pm. She sat there crying because she’s gonna miss her family, again.

I feel sad and spiritless. But tomoro I’ll have my debate training. Gotta keep the spirit up eh?

Without may around, I’ve got the whole of next week to myself. I just wonder wat am I gonna do. Man…..

Hopefully by tomoro I’ll feel ok.

I guess the water will start to flow soon eh.

Signing out.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

How time flies…

It’s like the moment we’ve (for the uni students at least) all been waiting for.. It was finally the long holiday!!

And now it’s coming to an end. T_T

May will be going back 2moro. Mostly those who’s involve wit the uni newbies orientation will be going back to their respective uni’s ady.

And I know Simmei has gone back to her uni ady.

So many camps to attend just for this ‘special’ occasion…..

Gosh it’ll be 2 or maybe even 4 ½ month till we meet again. IF may’s not coming back for the mid-sem break, then neither will I.

Sigh…. This is like, the 4th time we’ll be doing this, but still I’m gonna miss her so much… And all of my friends as well (added as an afterthought. HAH!).

May and I were lying down on the floor that one day. We were talking of how we both started, when still in Upper 6. It’s a wonder how we both can be together.

How we still can be together after so many ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that we both are glad that we’re still together, still doing good, and still ever so loving (Awwww…..).

We’ve been almost spending everyday this holiday together, yet it still feels like not enough.

I guess it’s a good thing we’re studying in different uni’s, so far away. As the wise ones said, “You wouldn’t know what u had until u lost it.”

While distance has been an issue for most couple, I feel it actually pulled us closer. The distance made us appreciate every single moment we can spend together, every phone calls we get, and even down to night wishes and, well, ‘kisses’ eh.

Haha, distance definitely wasn’t a factor either for Eevon and Wei Kiat. Such sweet efforts…. I can only but imagine the ‘unfading’ smile in Wei Kiat’s face.

Time to end this, thank u all for reading this.

Signing out.