Sunday, December 28, 2008


An old uni friend of mine has finally found her partner.


But not all love stories begins all loving and nice of course.

U know, the term they call spanar? Or another word for it; third party?

This is my take on it:

That feeling sometimes just come, with or without your approval (approval? lol....)
But sometimes too that other person, is attached to another.

So what then? Do u fight (fight? geez... pardon me for lack of a better word) for your happiness? Or do u forgo yours so the couple can continue their happiness?

If the feeling is a one way, it's obvious u shouldn't go on of cos (duh...)

But if it's two ways, then the dilemma comes..

But now is, if it's two ways, and the couple feelings for each other has died off, so wat now?

My take: Shouldn't feel guilty or anything ler... I guess u're not intervening directly and breaking them apart. They ARE breaking up already anyway.

Naturally one will feel uneasy on starting a relationship on such a platform (my vocab is dying...). But i guess time will tell, if u guys will be happy together or not.

For me personally, i wouldn't do any spanaring at all. Cos it's one of those rare things that i believed which, 'What goes around comes around.'
When she was sharing it with me, I too have worries if this guy's gonna have a change of heart again in the future, which was worrying her too.

Nay, again time will tell la. In the meantime just enjoy it :D

Sigh... Honestly, i feel a mixture of feelings when she unveils (unveils? wtf of a word??) this news.

I feel happy, that she's finally found her partner.

But i feel sad and a tinge of jealousy too, lol, which is really complicated..
Heck, i don't even know if i should say it here.

Maybe next time, hope this dear friend of mine will visit this page some time.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

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got 3 video clips.. next time upload la lol

muka emo lol

Friday, December 26, 2008


LA..... 2moro need to go back JB jor...

malas la wanna upload pics... ARGH!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The rankings for Royals just came out, if my team managed a 4 win (which we only got 3), we'd break into quarters too!!

There's 1 round in which we lost to the adjudicator, i.e. we should've won but the decision went the other way instead.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La la la!

omg i srsly have to change my banner and side pics jor. Exia and WZC is history ady :x

Anyway, the deal was this, my dad said if my result for this sem >3.8, i'll get a new phone.

For 6 subjects, i got 1 A- and all As. XD XD
Because 3.945 > 3.8, i'll get a new phone! *woo hoo!!!*

But i dunno wat phone should i get (omg why do i have a feeling tht EV has this dilemma too.....)

1. N95 8gb Ver:

2. N85

3. 6500 Slide

The N series got lotsa functions (like 5MP cam), but i dunno if i'm gonna need them all or not. Cost a bunch too :x

But i wan a good camera function, so i was thinking maybe i get 6500, plus a digicam XD

Ah tak tau la.... Still surveying for price. So far found
N95 8 Gb: RM15XX
N85: RM16~17xx
6500: <1k

la la la

Di-tag oleh: Wai Loon the Gorrila

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

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6. Reply to me when you finish.

my 6 non-important things/habits/quirks ar? let see

1) i like to fap

2) i like to fap to moving objects on my pc screen

3) sometimes i fap everyday

4) sometimes i don't fap at all

5) fap fap fap


Nay bored la got NBTD XD
here's the betul version:

1) I wanna smoke. I tried shisha the other day, but wasn't as good as i thought it was. So maybe not XP

2) I love Gundam. Ppl'll say it's childish, i say screw u for not knowing anything

3) I love my gf :P

4) I sometimes very flower-hearted also XD

5) I love my debate club. But at times it's driving me crazy. Sure am glad to step down from the boss title now

6) I wanna/gonna get new phone. But dunno which/wat phone to get :(

I dunno who to tag, seems like gorrila kwan tag alot of ppl ady :x

i'm breaking up wit my gf.....

Haha no la. Just kidding.

Gonna update soon i promise, as soon as i finished dating ;)