Saturday, October 20, 2007

So i'm back in uni again. Woo hoo! Isn't that great? Oh yeah...

Alright stop it. It was a futile attempt to act happy...

For the previous times where we've gotta go back to our uni, this is the first time that i'm leaving first before may. Well, it's equally sad as well to see her waving goodbye to me outside her house.

But it wasn't so bad this time. Why.... I guess it must be the workload i'm having, so many bloody assignments to finish in such limited time. ARGH!!! Maybe i shouldn't have gone back at all..

But then again, if i didn't i'd go crazy i'm sure. It's been like forever since i last saw may, and my friends of cos. Haha, another futile attempt to save my ass. Sorry la to others it was only few days ma.

Hmmm... Lots of things on my mind now. Later maybe will post another entry eh.

Till then, signing out.


porcupine said...

You came back for the hols and didn even look for me?!
You piece of garbage.

Samuel said...

I know kenny had already tagged you for this.. but I still wanna tag u again...^^