Friday, July 13, 2007

tick tock tick tock

Back in uni for two days now, three if u count in the day I arrived.

Just for 3 days I’ve been sweating fats out (I hope so), playing football, badminton and processing the Yayasan TAR scholoarship thingy.

The scholoarship thing sure took me to places. The form requires a recommendation from Timbalan Naib Canselor of Academic (TNC A), but she wasn’t around. So made a call to Yayasan TAR and they told me I can get the Dean of my Faculty’s instead. So went to fac but he’s not around. In the end I just resort for the Deputy Dean.

Then come the certification of the photocopies that they require. To fax my certs from house is already difficult, certification makes it worse still. Went to HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar) office to do it, but they told me they need to see the original copy, and can only get it signed don’t know only when. The guy at the counter told me alternatively I can go to fac to get it done.

The process was this, after getting the fax from the hostel’s office, I went to fac to wait for my friend who’s applying as well. We went to HEP, come back to fac to certify stuffs, then back to HEP building to send in the stuffs via Pos Express.

Maybe won’t get it, but I thought just give it a shot..

3 days….. I’m so damn restless.. Very very restless. I’m like living so far away now. Drive to faculty takes at least 7 minutes. The fuel needle’s like descending faster than I can say WTF.

Once again I’m back amongst non-English speaking people. Once again I’ve become FDG, Female-Deprived Guys. Making matter worse, this year’s intake my course only got 6 Chinese. 6!! 4 guys and 2 gals.

Yeah at least got 2 girls rite? That’s another way of looking at shit I suppose…

Lecturers so far, sucked… First class I attended I come face to face with a talented hypnotist. Never had I in my life (except from watching cartoons) heard anyone speaks with such mono tone… Just imagine how robots speak in Dexter’s Laboratory. That’s how he put me almost into a almost-asleep-yet-astounded-guy. I was sooooo hoping that 2nd year lecturers will be better.

Guess not..

At least there was a pleasant surprise for my English class. The lecturer is a Chinese, young and quite pretty lecturer. Can u say “Oh yeah baby?”

But at the end of the day, I still feel very restless. Debate meeting won’t start until next week (BABI KEITH!!!) Maybe got orientation so at least that’ll take things off my mind a bit.

Will update more later….

Signing out..

P.S: my place has yet to have Internet. Have to go to Fac to online


isk said...

babi keith!!!

report kat keith!!!