Sunday, December 2, 2007

I’m pretty sure some of us, in fact, many of us have come across such situations. Situations, when u wanted something or someone in particular, but just couldn’t have it. Problems like he/she doesn’t return your feelings, or inseparable differences, or anything of that sort. Simply put, rejections.

Many faced and came across rejections before. Even more have been on the evil side, the one who does the rejection. So, it’s not really foreign now eh?

What happened lately was this (it’s not unto me, but to friends who are close to me), how unfamiliar events cause them unable to react, and put them in quite a confused state.

To simplify the story, I’ll use a third person point of view, i.e. her.

She was content living alone, living a single life. She was carefree, and being able to do things she wants without any constraint or obligations to any other parties (except to the police of cos).

But then, she has her own desire, her feelings towards a particular man. She wanted to move on and take it to the next level with this man. But due to some circumstances, she was unable to.

But what I’m wishing to discuss is this part.

Came along this other guy, who adores the girl, who loves the girl for who she is, and respect her in whatever she does. In fact, he’s almost everything she wanted the man (the one she liked) to respond. But in the back of her mind, she seems unable to rid of the man. Everything the guy did, she compares him to the man.

While she’s upset that the man gave her some illogical reasons, e.g. of different financial status, bla bla bla, she resorts to the same thing. She gave pretty much unreasonable reason to the guy, for unable to accept him. No time, no money, bla bla bla.

The very problem that most of us face is this, at times we wanted something so much, we tend to brush aside other things that came along. So focused we were in pursuing that initial item, that we forgot to look at the beauty of these ‘side’ things. Who knows, the thing that we wanted so much in the first place, wasn’t as good as we thought it were. More often than not, because of the difficulty faced to achieve it, we tend to believe the end result will be worthy of the effort we’ve put in.

Not the case.

However clichéd this sounds, we should always appreciate the ones around us. Or rather, right in front of us.

So yeah, I pretty much talked on the same damn thing to my friends who come across to such situations. I feel, we should instead of placing all the attentions on the ones we had crush on, why not give the ones who’s feelings are sincere a chance.

In fact, why not give yourself a chance? A person, who’s willing to change for you, respect you, love you for you, why not give both of each other, a chance? I mean, such person doesn’t come along very often. And when he/she does, are you just gonna let him slip pass?

Happiness, I believe, doesn’t fall from the sky. It is instead, something worked out mutually and together.

The reason on how a couple stayed strong together, isn’t because of the number of happy moments they have. But instead, the number of unhappy moments, and how they overcome it. How they communicate, and work things out together. That, I believe, is how couples get stronger and stronger as the years pass.

I’m writing this post because I felt some of us, were unable to see the goods in life, which are right in front of them.

Of course I might be wrong, but I have my reasons. If u say otherwise, let’s hear it.

Hear ye hear ye indeed.


Esther said...

fuyoh. the love guru ah. lol :)

amy-da-great said...

You asked for my comment so here it is..don't regret ar! lol.

*takes a deep breath*
It is true that sometimes we chase for something unattainable, head up in clouds wishing for something that doesn't exist.

And yeah, we do tend to overlook whats in front of us.
But sometimes, chemistry cannot be disregarded for if there is no love, you might be with the most perfect guy in the world and yet still be unhappy.
Love is blind, indeed. The heart wants what it wants.
That said, I do believe also, that love can grow over time and that sometimes love of this sort is stronger than those built on lust. So good guys do finish first in the end.

Now, More power to equal chances dude.
I mean that, I really do.
But sometimes chances are just that-chances; a chance that it will work out, a chance that rejection stares you in the face instead and by it being so, many dare not take that chance for fear that it will bite them in the butt.
As silly as it may sound theoretically, sometimes practically; people tend to stick to the safer route and let happiness pass 'em by.

So what are we to do?

In my humble opinion,
We should all learn to love ourselves first and learn, step by step to be courageous.

To have the courage to love.

And sometimes people can be blind although they do not wish to be so. So pass 'em a couple of flashlights and send 'em on their way with good intentions.



Samuel said...

interesting.. haha.. love is something that us human will never understand... sometimes you might think that particular person is your "the one" but that does not mean he/she think the same way...

Sometimes also you willing to sacrifice everything you have for that particular person but in the end all you get is just being each others friend.

And sometimes we are so deeply in love with someone, that you are ignorant to all those other people out there that love you.

buttercup said...

i want to say something also!! ahahah! well, i hope i understand ur story up there.

hmmm, if i'm not mistaken, the gal is the one who rejected the guy rite?

if tht's the case, i think i would advise that guy tht she's not the one for him. I believe that when 2 are to be together, it is important to think of all those financial thingy, in the latter stage but not at the early of the relationship, esp when it's not even started!

I used to think alot. A LOT and i meant it. and i realised that, it's not helpful as it'll make me much pick-ier and let go a lot of chances.

Courage to take out the first step is essential i think, but for that guy, unfortunately, that girl is not into him at all i would say. kindly advise that guy to look for a better one.

MyKy said...

To esther: Nay, just sharing my opinions. Lol

To amy: Whoa.. long long comment.
Just to comment on the chance thingy. Tht's thing u see, a chance if worked out, it'll become something, be it acceptance or rejection. But heck, at least u'll know of the outcome, and no regrets at all if u've given your best shot

If a chance is left out, it becomes nothing but just something u'll keep on wondering, asking what if this, what if that. Furthermore, a chance left out is your lost and another's gain. Why not optimise the chance before passing it to some other dudes?

to Sammy: Yeah, simply put, precise and concise indeed,

"And sometimes we are so deeply in love with someone, that you are ignorant to all those other people out there that love you."

Open up your eyes!!

to kenny: Yeah!! Like exactly i was wondering, the guy should go for other girls instead! But of cos, being as a considerate friend, i'd wan my friend (girl) to find some happiness in their (miserable?) life.

Who knows, they may end up as a loving couple. But one thing for sure, whichever way it may go, they'll have no regrets.