Monday, July 23, 2007


So today we had dinner with our juniors of SEE, i.e. Electrical Eng. Students.

Took them for steamboat.

It was ok I guess. We were separated into 3 tables. The not-so-good thing was all the juniors sat at a table, with only a senior there. The rest split to two tables.

Yes there was quite less communication among us, with only Yao hogging all the juniors’ attentions. Duh, there’re 2 girls there.

After dinner went back to uni, and went to a college’s court. For some basic introductions, so that at least when meet at fac will know who’s senior/junior.

This is where I got kinda pissed. First, when we got back it was already 10.30 pm. Second, the juniors have class at 9 am tomoro. So it’s only reasonable to end it ASAP rite.

But suddenly section 2 (FYI, our course are divided into 2 sections) people came along as well. Like fuck, who called them over in the first place? Talk about uninvited guests.

Not only that, things got quite messy, as some people kept making noise and, I dunno, like wanna crash the whole introduction thing.

Yes I’ve got issues with few guys from section 2. I will do my best not to talk to them. Total fucked up. The reason we didn’t ask section 2 to just us is because we know they will not come along. They’ll have the process of “If X goes, then I go lo”. As the chain grows, when the last person don’t wanna go, everybody don’t wanna go. So save trouble, don’t ask at all.

It’s not like they wanna co-operate either. We had a brief discussion earlier today for planning. So section 2 guys happened to pass by. Nope. None of them was even interested to ask wat’s the plan, except for CY (I’m cool wit him). Well, what we heard was section 2 guys will ‘kau tim’ their transport, and already came to consensus. Well, we were surprised, but still I was a bit apprehensive.

Turn out I was right. Their consensus is that everyone don’t wanna go. Yeah. Fucked up eh?

I’m sorry if u guys, upon reading this, concludes I’m an ass after all. But I really can’t stand this guy SY from section 2. He’s short, fat and ugly. Obnoxious as well. Bloody faker. I can’t really explain it. I just fucking hate him. And just now during introduction I tried very hard to control myself. Was imagining punching him in the face. Mother ass-hole. Well at least it’s not me alone who feels this way. A few others think the same as well, maybe the magnitude is not as big as mine.

There’s a distinct border between section 1 and 2 or SEE. Our seniors feel it as well. Says them, section 1 guys at least got greet seniors. But section 2 none at all.

Fuck la. Fuck him. Life’s a bitch.

Signing out.