Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's really a habit of Milan to be winning the first half, then end up losing the second. Seems like history repeats itself last morning's match, ManU 3 Milan 2.

Da fuck, Rooney scored during injury time. Sigh.... And Milan was winning first half by 2 goals to 1, thanks to a double by Kaka.

Fuck Ferguson. I'm very sure his game plan was to take out Gattuso, which he succeeded. Gattuso was injured and subbed. AFter that, Milan's midfield was really shattered.

ARGH!!! Bodo bodo bodo bodo....

I dunno, but does it really hurt one's pocket to pay a few bucks for petrol? Kenneth complained to his gf that our coursemates only view my car as a free ride. It somehow, thru a chain of complicated process, came to one of my coursemates. Well, he's not too happy about it.

I have no idea wat sort of defence is he setting up, but he said he only tumpang for like once or twice. I mean like dude..... Once or twice also no need to pay wan ke? It's only a buck or 2 for god's sake...

He's confusing himself anyway by courting THE girl. Wat he told me was, his girl told him that kenneth charged total of 12 bucks for petrol to go to Sri Puteri (approx. 1.5km). I told him that's impossible. Kenneth won't charge them so much wan.

So i found out, that they went to Skudai Parade instead ( approx. 2 km, and the return route is way further than 2). That place is opposite the highway. So u'll have to make helluva big U-turn to get back to UTM.

Well, if they're complaining expensive they can always opt for taxi's eh?

Even i get annoyed. It's almost, ALMOST fine wit me if they don't pay. But fuck they don't even utter a single THANK YOU. Like all i ask from them was a small bit of appreciation. Wonder how they got A for moral in SPM.

When i cook for them, not a THANKS from them. When i drive, not a THANKS either. I know it's not good either to say that, but, da fuck man.... How'd u feel?

Seriously, i dunno what's wit them. Worse still, one guy asked if i did past years on Instrumentation (which sucked, i did though). I passed to him in front of some other guys, he seemed reluctant to take it.

After 5 minutes it was back on my table. Asked why so fast? Thought he wanna refer while doing. What he said really caught me off guard. He don't wan others to know he's doing past years.

Wow...... We're only in our 1st years and he's like this ady. I wouldn't even wanna imagine how things would be in the final year. Like how selfish can a person be to even come to this state of mind? Lighting another candle using your own won't dim it.

After almost a whole year in UTM, living with them, i can make a judgement on them. I really hate to judge ppl, but, they were way, way off.

Maybe i'll do that in my next post. Maybe not. It'll be really REALLY bad of me to criticise others openly in the Net.

Guys (SEE guys), if u're reading this, all i ask for is a small bit of appreciation, and consideration for others.

Signing and sighing out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today had Differential Equation paper. Finally, a paper that i felt confident i could get an A.

I dunno if i've posted on the paper on Instrumentation, but here's how it went..

I don't think i did particularly well. An A might be doubtful. It's not because of i did very bad in the paper. It's just that my carry mark wasn't really good; 38.8 of 50. Mind you an A in UTM is >85. So i've gotta get like >92.4 for that finals.

I don't think i can....

Worst of all is that, i've completed one question. Then on the remaining 15 minutes, they announced there's something wrong with the question. WTF! Nobody else gave a damn because they didn't choose that question in the first place (we were to choose 4 out of 5). But i did. So seems like me's the only one who fucked up.

Either they didn't do, or they just only gonna start that question when they make the announcement.


I've sent an e-mail to my lecturer regarding this though. She replied and noted. Hope i'll manage to get an A.

The last paper's n 2nd of May, next week. Pleeeeeeeenty of time left. Hah!

My mind's really messed up. Every single minute i'm thinking of may. I know it's normal but, even during the exams. Luckily didn't affect much.

I miss her..... I think the distance is actually strengthening my feelings for her. I just hope she'll feel the same way.

Love u may baby.

Sighing out.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

In the morning i'll be having my 3rd paper, Instrumentation.

I'm stressed out. I can't handle it.

I'm going nuts. My head's too hot.

Wat ISO 9000 wat ISO 14000 wat voltage standard wat standard standard STANDARD??!!!

Damn i hate this........

Thursday, April 19, 2007

At times it really makes one wonder, like don't they care about other peoples?

It's 2.30 am and they malay bastards are making so much of noise. I have a paper tomoro dammit!

It's hard enough for me to enter sleep and now they woke me up.

Shit man....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tit A's

Tomoro will be my first paper; TITAS!!! I can never ever understand why we need to study it? The more i read the more i felt it's a brochure to promote Islam to university students.

It's always Islam this, Islam that. Islam good, West is bad. Good good good, bad bad bad.


The lecturer had a hard time wit me in the class also. Almost every class i had a disagreement with him. But we didn't exactly like came to a shouting tournament though. A lively discussion i'll put it.

I guess the author of my TITAS textbook never read about world issues...

One of the articles stated how one-sided West is in setting up treaties that favours only the West in weapon, chemical and biological (??) i.e. only West can develop and have nuclear weapons.

I'm like GOSH!! First they have the NPT (FYI it's nuclear proliferation treaty). Plus they're dismantling the stockpiles they're currently having now, from 5000 to approximately 3 or 1000 now. So, where's the unfairness?

Sigh... Another petty thing was regarding globalisation and how great Islam was back then.
i feel instead of just condemning globalisation (i.e. losing identities, Western propaganda), perhaps we should utilise it in everyway we can, yet at the same time reject what's against our culture. But from what my UTM TITAS textbook implies, we should reject globalisation totally and focus more in praying (ugh!). Whatever'll happen to the free thinkers man....

Aduh.... then it came of how great Islamic countries were back then and how the West actually steals knowledge from them and became so great. It really a pain in the ass of the words they used to send their message across. First, Nabi Muhammad didn't ran away, he was being invited to Madinah (itu pun the people of Madinah were asked to invite him (or Him?)).
And the West STEALS knowledge from them (notice the word STEAL).

I think the authors must be some sort of sore losers eh. Well even if they STOLE the knowledge, at least they put them to good use. And see where they are now.

It's been like, er, 1 and a half century? And still we're lagging behind the West. Why? But it's not like it's impossible to chase them in terms of technological advancement. Japan, South Korea and even China managed to do that. Why not us Malaysia?

Because the great minds are being suppressed and the losers get all the big chances.

Signing out.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ok finally i decided to blog in blogspot. Took me awhile to get adjusted to the new system here.

Ok.... So how do i lead my friends to this page.... Guess i'll just post a notice in my previous blog site.

I've got so much to blog about, that i forgot wat i wanted to blog in the first place. Ah well, it'll come to me sooner or later. Sounds so.... uncool. Ah da hell i care. Hah!