Monday, December 3, 2007

Hinder Aft

Well duh, i don't think it's viable for me to name the post directly as to the big issue happening in our beloved (?) country. Well if u still don get what i mean, read the title fast.

From what i've gathered, the issues raised was these:
1. Temple being demolished
2. They demanded to be compensated, from the UK gov for bringing in labour from India during their occupation in Malaya. Specifically, they demanded RM 1 million for each person, thus amounting to RM 4 trillion (tht's alot of zeros).
3. A more transparent election.

The gov argues:
1. The rally was illegal.
2. The rally disrupts peace, especially the traffic.

1. Gov, esp Pak Lah, is really pissed.
2. The Indians, though not all, are really pissed too.
3. The shopkeepers where the rally was held, are even pissed-er. Their shops were practically wrecked.
4. Drivers (like me) are pissed with all those roadblocks.

Conclusion? Everyone is pissed off. And for what reasons? Urgent and important issues, yes. But not to the extend till to take it to the international level. When the Hindraf leaders brought the issue to UN, as well as ICJ (International court of justice), I feel this is really too much.

Hindraf accuses:
1. Gov have left the Indians out especially in the economic growth.
2. Gov has oppressed the Indians.

Gov denies both accusations.

When i first read of it, i felt like laughing out loud. Like WTF... Newsflash guys, like they're not the only one left out. Nay, i think the better word is that 'not focused upon'. But we're doing ok too. And on the second accusation, they've yet to prove the oppression of the government towards the Indians.

But the thing is this, when an average Malaysian, especially the Indians for this case, read of such accusations, they're gonna get pissed. While the claim is definitely questionable, not all are gonna realise it due to the tension caused lately. In the end, most will just accept the fact that gov are oppressing the Indians, without asking for any proofs or whatsoever.

Well, IMHO, such issues can discussed WITHIN the country. What's the point of bringing this issues to UN, and ICJ?? Such disgrace to be placed upon Malaysia, especially by Malaysians ourselves!

A more transparent election? Hear hear to that. That is something everyone of us wants. While PAS claims of the 4000 phantom voters in the past election, they too have yet to present their prove.

What i feel we should be doing, is to ease off the tensions. Posting up bulletins which pretty much screams "HATE" is not helping out. Some UMNO dude suggesting that those involved in the rally should have their citizenship revoked, that is not helping either. Both actions are bound to create further tensions.

What we should do is, understand the whole situation. What i've said here doesn't necessarily points out the whole issue accurately. BUT, we really gotta help ease the situation, by not provoking any parties. No dudes not listening/not talking does not count. Expression of opinions are definitely important, as long as it is just and not too one-sided.

A'ight. Enough talking here. Feedbacks welcomed.

Signing out.