Friday, November 30, 2007

Some phrases which really add spices to my life so far…..

“Kin wai, u’re the president for debate club.”

Oh kaaaaayyy… That’s…. good?

I’ll need a lot of help and guidance from the seniors and the Exco board.

So wat’s next?

Onto Royals of cos…
On one of the pre-lim rounds.

“I’ll give the verdict, and the reasons why the debate went that way. I gave the win to…”
*drum rolls*

Woo hoo!!!!

And the moment that really increase our rate of heart beat, the time when the announce which team makes it to the quarter finals:
“Breaking first, with 5 wins, UiTM A.”
It went on, with each count, our heart beats ten times faster than the previous one.
“Breaking 5th, with 4 wins, UTM A.”

SAY WHAT???? YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my team!!

It was one of the best moments, to go on to the stage to stand among the representatives of the teams that broke, to be along side of the strongest teams; UiTM, UM, etc.

Next, of cos, the quarter finals itself…

“In room 4, the quarters junior category, UMS vs UTM, with a 2-1 split decision, the win goes to…”

Please… say UTM, or Opposition, or the ‘motion falls’….


Awww… Oh well, we put up a good fight. Heck, it was very good news we came so far, looking at our history. The senior team broke as well, but same thing, knocked out in the quarters.

Ever since the black date of UTM’s debate history, we’re finally back in the map, when we are making progress and gaining recognition. Senior team breaking in last year’s Royals, Senior team getting to Finals in the NHSD last October, and now both Junior and Senior team breaking in the Royals. Such progress marks the coming back of UTM.

Of cos, I’m feeling all the pressure of the world upon my shoulder blades, to continue the legacy of the club.

Will I be able to fulfill the expectations of others?

Will I be able to continue the good job done so far?

Will I, simply put, make it?

When such doubts occurred, it was time when Kin Lik and Keith, the previous presidents, talked to the Exco board and I. Whenever I need help/guidance/advice, they’ll be around to help. Mel and others assured me that help will always be around, and we’re gonna work it out as a team.

That’s when, I felt whole lot better. In fact, I felt it’s not so bad after all.

Of cos, with such responsibilities, it’s time for me to abandon some of my humor. Gotta joke even less now. Really gotta watch my actions now on.

There’s been a few downs lately between May and I, especially during the Royals. Just on the day the tournament starts she sent a message, which really got my spirit down. I had trouble separating my personal issues from the official things.

I really don’t feel like discussing it here, but all’s well ends well. After much talk, we’re back at it together again. Today her uni friends came over for a visit. So we took them to the newly opened JJ, and dinner at Tetra. Was glad they enjoyed themselves.

But more importantly, may and I really enjoyed the day out. We went to JJ earlier, and somewhat on a date. After such long apart, and of the problems lately, it felt really good, how we were able to be close to each other and just laugh at stupid jokes (more often that not made by me).

So, basically this first week of my hols, were really trying for me. But rest assured, it’s all good at the end.

Till next time,
Signing out.

P.S: My mum says my dad plans to sell off my Waja, and I’ll get my dad’s Camry. WooHoo!! But of cos I’m still more than happy to drive the Waja.