Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I’m home, again. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for UTM along with Melissa.

Just packed, and there’s so much stuffs. Damn…. In uni there’re still more stuffs. Crap.

The closing of Australs was great. Really good. The final round was held in KLCC convention centre. Nice place, great debate, gorgeous girls in gorgeous dress. What this means?

PHOTOS of cos!!

Vain Keith a.k.a. Mr Boss President of UTM debate club

Melissa… Ain’t she sweet? Haha

Girl on my left’s from Hong Kong. She’s got nice eyes.

Debater from University of Queensland in action.

Top 10 speakers of Australs. Girl holding trophy is the Best Speaker.

How can that dude sleep during debate? It was intense!!

During intervals of debate….

Champion of Australs ladies and gents. University of Queensland!!!

Me and the team from China.

Blurry… but u get the idea. Haha

Mel and a cute boy from Thailand, name’s M.

Here he is again, with his friends from Thailand..

Mr. Kuan Meng, Tan with Melissa outside Holiday Villa.

The following pictures are thru out the tourneys, and, *ahem* ‘date’.

First day, POOL PARTY!!! Yep… Girls in bikini, baby..

Definitely not something u’ll see everyday. A girl BANGING a buffalo?? Kewl…

One of the rounds I adjudicated, UM against EDIS(korea). Cute girls eh…

Gambar orang-orang kenamaan sempena Majlis Pembukaan

After dinner, at Holiday Villa.

My right’s Janet from MMU, Left’s Theng from China.

Waiting for dinner….

Intan from UiTM!!! She’s hot guys…

With celebs all the way from California, USA

ARGH!!! The light spoiled my face!!

Prae from Thailand. BEAUTIFUL dress

Peeps from MMU chilling out after dinner at Sri Melayu. FYI, they’re hiding their cigarettes..


3 sad lonesome guys sharing a bench.

We’re wagering the girl wearing black is Mr. Boss’ girlfriend.

Gay partners…

UTM and Cholalongkorn (something like that la… from Thailand)

UTM and Korea.

UTM and MMU (Cyberjaya).

Ambassadors from Thailand… Haha. Guy on leftmost is M. Cute eh….

Me, Cheryl from S’pore Poly, Ip’s from MMU, M of Thailand

Len, one of the Deputy Chief Adjudicator, giving instructions and pointers.

A perfect finale for this post. Haha.

Did I enjoy? You bet! Debate, Food, Ladies, Nice place. What more could I ask? Well, I really wished May was with me.

Signing out..


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