Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NHSD. it was great...

The recent National Health and Science Debate held in IMU last saturday; 28th Oct.

UTM sent 4 teams, out of which 3 teams broke into quarters!! My team was 1 of the 3. Yeah it feels great. Furthermore, the old man's team went all the way to finals!! Although they lost, all of us felt this is the beginning of UTM's comeback to the debating arena..

Once upon a time, UTM debate team was feared among the other teams. But, things got worse and worse, as the lack of passing down the knowledge to the juniors. The black day of UTM, when we were banned from joining the All Asians Debate until we settle the debt, which actually spells out permanently.

The cause:
UTM was hosting the All Asians, which that year was when bird flu started. So, it was postponed, and some teams have to withdraw, as there're some clashes in their schedule.

Well, they wanted refund, but UTM has already closed the accounts. At the end, they din get back their money. Yeah they're pissed.

In the next All Asian's Meeting, the issue of UTM was brought up. It was actually a backstabbing act.... Of all uni's, UM was the one who suggested to ban UTM. This was seconded by the Japanese uni.
The thing is, UM as a M'sia uni should understand the bureaucracy involved to get the money. It's not easy and takes a long time. The cause was because the Chief Adjudicator for that All Asians was from UM, and he didn't get his money (it was only RM 800 fyi), hence the suggestion for banning.

And yes, UTM is banned for life. But fuck it, so what. it's not gonna stop us. We'll only attend one less tourney then.

More importantly, as the old guys told us, we're coming up again. We broke the in previous year Royals, and the recent achievement in NHSD, it's all looking good.

Gotta keep the club growing. One thing for sure, is that i'll be here till i graduate. Hopefully the others gonna stay as well. I'm gonna need all of you guys help..

Till then, this is just another rambling from the ass..

Farting out


porcupine said...

Congrats on the achievement of your team!!!
Well, it's a good thing to strive on and "memperkembangkan" the debate union...
But it's gonna take A LOT of effort I tell ya...
Damn hard to get people to join eh... (T_T)

Shenyang said...


Haha, no lah. Pity you guys, don't know what's wrong with UM, suggesting the ban. I guess there're trying to exploit everyway possible that UM remains No. 1 uni in Mal. Don't see what's so important on being No. 1 when we still have shitty lecturers and Aspirase vs Gagasan kinda thing.

Wished that I was in debates tooo.. too bad don't have the skilzzz.

Samuel said...

haha... debate... in my university seldom see any english debate team.. if got also quiet quiet! everything also UKM pro Bahasa Melayu that they themselves also can't master it well!... damn

Their reason for it, is because Promoting BM is in UKM moto... and UKM is Malaysia National University so we much use Bahasa Melayu to show we love our country.... (=_=|||)

MyKy said...

to Pork-Q-Pine: Thanx mate! Yeah it'll be hard, since ppl wit critical mind like us are hard to find.... Lol. We're the special ones!!

to sammy: Eh UKM debate team quite strong wan le. They have a very very good record. Serious!!

to sy: Tiu.... No skills can learn wan ma. WTF.. U din know how to drive b4 u went and learn rite? lol.
Yeah!! Tht must be it!! UM the accomplice... They even made UTM to lower their grades!!