Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The recent National Health and Science Debate held in IMU last saturday; 28th Oct.

UTM sent 4 teams, out of which 3 teams broke into quarters!! My team was 1 of the 3. Yeah it feels great. Furthermore, the old man's team went all the way to finals!! Although they lost, all of us felt this is the beginning of UTM's comeback to the debating arena..

Once upon a time, UTM debate team was feared among the other teams. But, things got worse and worse, as the lack of passing down the knowledge to the juniors. The black day of UTM, when we were banned from joining the All Asians Debate until we settle the debt, which actually spells out permanently.

The cause:
UTM was hosting the All Asians, which that year was when bird flu started. So, it was postponed, and some teams have to withdraw, as there're some clashes in their schedule.

Well, they wanted refund, but UTM has already closed the accounts. At the end, they din get back their money. Yeah they're pissed.

In the next All Asian's Meeting, the issue of UTM was brought up. It was actually a backstabbing act.... Of all uni's, UM was the one who suggested to ban UTM. This was seconded by the Japanese uni.
The thing is, UM as a M'sia uni should understand the bureaucracy involved to get the money. It's not easy and takes a long time. The cause was because the Chief Adjudicator for that All Asians was from UM, and he didn't get his money (it was only RM 800 fyi), hence the suggestion for banning.

And yes, UTM is banned for life. But fuck it, so what. it's not gonna stop us. We'll only attend one less tourney then.

More importantly, as the old guys told us, we're coming up again. We broke the in previous year Royals, and the recent achievement in NHSD, it's all looking good.

Gotta keep the club growing. One thing for sure, is that i'll be here till i graduate. Hopefully the others gonna stay as well. I'm gonna need all of you guys help..

Till then, this is just another rambling from the ass..

Farting out

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So i'm back in uni again. Woo hoo! Isn't that great? Oh yeah...

Alright stop it. It was a futile attempt to act happy...

For the previous times where we've gotta go back to our uni, this is the first time that i'm leaving first before may. Well, it's equally sad as well to see her waving goodbye to me outside her house.

But it wasn't so bad this time. Why.... I guess it must be the workload i'm having, so many bloody assignments to finish in such limited time. ARGH!!! Maybe i shouldn't have gone back at all..

But then again, if i didn't i'd go crazy i'm sure. It's been like forever since i last saw may, and my friends of cos. Haha, another futile attempt to save my ass. Sorry la to others it was only few days ma.

Hmmm... Lots of things on my mind now. Later maybe will post another entry eh.

Till then, signing out.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Saw my lecturer the other day in JJ Bkt Raja!! Woo Hoo wat a pleasant surprise....

For the first time, she's in T-shirt and Jeans, and NOT baju kurung...

Yeah this post is lame. tata

Yay back to Klang. Woo hoo...

The drive back was boring.... driving at 120 km/h all, ALL the way... So totally unlike me...

Ah yes... After such a long absence, seeing May is goooooood....

Yeah tht includes some other friends as well.
In which during that little gathering, this lil hot topic came out..

I.e. the recent launching of M'sian astronaut to the space. Woohoo!
Well, the recent issues were the amount of money burnt... i mean spent for his trainings, bla bla bla.
Yi Jiang added they have a 20 minute fireworks at Putrajaya on that night.

Yep, seems like lots of money put to waste.... i mean put to good use (?).

Ah and the recent incident. Toda to be exact. Seems like the Malaysian system are totally being tested. Be it the work of God, or just fate, it works for me.

First was the bus system, now it's the ferry system. Very very standard Malaysian protocol, nothing can be done about it until the newspaper reports it. Now only they found out the ferry got invalid license. Now only they found out the ferry is not seaworthy. Hah! And lives were lost. Explain that to the families, mo-fo's!!

A traumatic experience to the victims. A daughter lost both her parents and her boyfriend. Another watch helplessly as an old woman drowns.

Indeed, another true beauty of our M'sian gov system. Bunch of mo-fo's running the place. "Budak buka kepala, tengok depan la, dua puluh dua puluh..... Na Na Na Na, NA, na na na na Na..."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Over and done with the interview. Some of the questions asked really caught me off guard..

"Can u tell me, like what's your weakness?"

Whoa.... It's not like i have none, i have plenty!! The thing is, i've gotta choose carefully, so not to give him an impression that i'm unreliable. Like? Lazy, not on time, inconsistent etc etc. Those will almost definitely jeopardise my chances...

Oh well, seems like they'll be calling those who're viable for a second round. The thing is though, i forgot to ask when will it be. ARGH!!! The anxiety of waiting all over again....

I'll be going back to Klang 2moro. Yay!!! Get to see May after such a looooooonnng time. Yeah yeah get to see my friends as well of cos. The sucky part is that, i'm driving back. And the police will be extra thirsty for a cup of tea, wit extra sugar, as according to NamaWee.

How i always tend to think too much and complicate matters. In this case, complicate the questions. Done not too good in the tests. Babi la the question was actually so simple. Dammit!!

Nvm that....

Finished watching Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny as well. Well... It's a bit disappointing, but expected. Some part of the storyline is really questionable. And the actions are a bit repetitive. But hell, i still love watching Gundams fight.

I'd call it prank. But i hope it'll end. Dammit some motherfucker took my shoes!!! My leather Puma dammit!! Wat's worse? Only the left side was taken....... Wat's the meaning of this!! WTFBNN.....

Gotta cool down. Tata