Sunday, December 28, 2008


An old uni friend of mine has finally found her partner.


But not all love stories begins all loving and nice of course.

U know, the term they call spanar? Or another word for it; third party?

This is my take on it:

That feeling sometimes just come, with or without your approval (approval? lol....)
But sometimes too that other person, is attached to another.

So what then? Do u fight (fight? geez... pardon me for lack of a better word) for your happiness? Or do u forgo yours so the couple can continue their happiness?

If the feeling is a one way, it's obvious u shouldn't go on of cos (duh...)

But if it's two ways, then the dilemma comes..

But now is, if it's two ways, and the couple feelings for each other has died off, so wat now?

My take: Shouldn't feel guilty or anything ler... I guess u're not intervening directly and breaking them apart. They ARE breaking up already anyway.

Naturally one will feel uneasy on starting a relationship on such a platform (my vocab is dying...). But i guess time will tell, if u guys will be happy together or not.

For me personally, i wouldn't do any spanaring at all. Cos it's one of those rare things that i believed which, 'What goes around comes around.'
When she was sharing it with me, I too have worries if this guy's gonna have a change of heart again in the future, which was worrying her too.

Nay, again time will tell la. In the meantime just enjoy it :D

Sigh... Honestly, i feel a mixture of feelings when she unveils (unveils? wtf of a word??) this news.

I feel happy, that she's finally found her partner.

But i feel sad and a tinge of jealousy too, lol, which is really complicated..
Heck, i don't even know if i should say it here.

Maybe next time, hope this dear friend of mine will visit this page some time.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Image Hosting by

got 3 video clips.. next time upload la lol

muka emo lol

Friday, December 26, 2008


LA..... 2moro need to go back JB jor...

malas la wanna upload pics... ARGH!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The rankings for Royals just came out, if my team managed a 4 win (which we only got 3), we'd break into quarters too!!

There's 1 round in which we lost to the adjudicator, i.e. we should've won but the decision went the other way instead.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La la la!

omg i srsly have to change my banner and side pics jor. Exia and WZC is history ady :x

Anyway, the deal was this, my dad said if my result for this sem >3.8, i'll get a new phone.

For 6 subjects, i got 1 A- and all As. XD XD
Because 3.945 > 3.8, i'll get a new phone! *woo hoo!!!*

But i dunno wat phone should i get (omg why do i have a feeling tht EV has this dilemma too.....)

1. N95 8gb Ver:

2. N85

3. 6500 Slide

The N series got lotsa functions (like 5MP cam), but i dunno if i'm gonna need them all or not. Cost a bunch too :x

But i wan a good camera function, so i was thinking maybe i get 6500, plus a digicam XD

Ah tak tau la.... Still surveying for price. So far found
N95 8 Gb: RM15XX
N85: RM16~17xx
6500: <1k

la la la

Di-tag oleh: Wai Loon the Gorrila

1. Link to the person that tagged you. 

2. Post the rules on your blog. 

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. 

5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website. 

6. Reply to me when you finish.

my 6 non-important things/habits/quirks ar? let see

1) i like to fap

2) i like to fap to moving objects on my pc screen

3) sometimes i fap everyday

4) sometimes i don't fap at all

5) fap fap fap


Nay bored la got NBTD XD
here's the betul version:

1) I wanna smoke. I tried shisha the other day, but wasn't as good as i thought it was. So maybe not XP

2) I love Gundam. Ppl'll say it's childish, i say screw u for not knowing anything

3) I love my gf :P

4) I sometimes very flower-hearted also XD

5) I love my debate club. But at times it's driving me crazy. Sure am glad to step down from the boss title now

6) I wanna/gonna get new phone. But dunno which/wat phone to get :(

I dunno who to tag, seems like gorrila kwan tag alot of ppl ady :x

i'm breaking up wit my gf.....

Haha no la. Just kidding.

Gonna update soon i promise, as soon as i finished dating ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sorry la, daddy rx-78 belum siap :p

but all i can show to u all now is mah new baby; Strike Noir

Bought it from Valho of LYN. Got it at really really cheap price, 60 buckaroos (comes with an action base stand too!!). It's built and assembled ady wan, tht's why cheaper price.

But still it's fukken cheap. :p

Saturday, November 22, 2008

la la la

i'm at home for the time being. jom jom let's go lim teh!

tuesday will be off for debating spree...


Friday, November 14, 2008

finals are over wtf!!!!

Things to do:
1. Fap
2. fap
3. fap again
4. fap
5. fap fap fap fap fap fap

hahaha i'll die lo if i fap like that XD

Ok things i wanna do,
1. change blog's banner and layout (like a bajillion years ady :x)
2. Assemble mah RX-78-2 ver 2.0!!
3. spam spam spam in LYN
4. research for debate

la la la

Feels like pressure halved ady

Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 more papers!!!

Sigh...... banyaknye kerja...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been pushed way beyond my breakdown limit. It's come to a point i'm at a null state. I've been negative before, but i've never been so negative till like this, every single day there's shit.

1. Loss of my dad's jacket
It was both my dad's and my favourite jacket. It's Nat Geo limited edition jacket. So yes, it's practically unavailable in the market. It's not surprise neither that he's upset about it (heck i'm upset too). So yes i kena la wat else.

2. My car got hit by bus.
It was bad, i broke 3 ribs and my right hand is immobile. My car's in a wreck.
Ok it's not that bad la. Was at junction then the bus kissed my car's butt. Dented bumper and scratches. But since it's the driver's fault, he paid for the repair (300 bucks).

3. Argued with my dad
Dunno what got into my head, but srsly i said stupid things. He was furious, as usual hurtful remarks were made.
Just slipped out that i lend my car to my friend. And he's against it. And it all fell apart from there.

4. My MP3 player spoilt
Great. My only companion as i walk from class to HEP and back to room is now dead.

5. Out of internet
I was sharing the Celcom broadband with 3 other guys. This dude who owns the modem, decides to not share it with us, but to share it with some other ppl instead. And yes i was fukken pissed. Owns the modem and he thinks he owns us. A fukken downloading freak too. Can u imagine, like for 2 to 3 months we subscribed to Celcom, he downloaded like 45~50Gbs of stuffs?
Uses the Thunder software to download, eating up all our bandwidths and we can't surf at all.
Fucking piece of rotting and selfish junk.

6. Forgot to bring my hostel room key
Things are just meant to stay bad between my dad and i. On my return day to uni, as we reach the bus station, only i realise i didn't bring my key along. Stupid me.
I have no roommate, so there'll be no other way to get into the room. No choice, i have to delay the buss while my dad speeds back to home to get it.
Again kena, but srsly it's my own stupidity (in fact all the cases are my own fault anyway lulz)

7. My car rosak, again
The key hole got jammed. I can't turn the key at all. Repair cost is RM265 (have to replace the whole thing). Yes. Again kena from dad. It's not my fault, but it is since i lend my car to my friend. I guess lending the car to others does increase the tendency of the key ignition be spoilt. Let this be a lesson to be learnt folks.

8. I remembered my assignment due date wrongly
So i had to rush back to room to complete it. Ha ha ha....

I was really stricken with stress due to the Intra-V thing. I was really grateful when it was over, for i was finally able to get some rest and recover.

Well apparently i'm not spared..

To my parents:
I hate going back to home. There. I've finally say it (i think i did though last time). There're always shits happening in the house. It's either my parents (which still torments me), or between my parents and I. I dunno why but when i'm with them, i just tend to do/say stupid things.
Can i just get out of your lives? So u both can just free yourself from this miserable life that i bring unto u? Winzhi lives to your expectation better.

To may:
I've always love u and u know it.
Still at times i have that dark thought that we should just break up, so i don't have to go home.
You've been there to support me all along.
This time it's just too much for me to handle.

To winzhi:
Ha ha... my lovely little sister. I've always been envious and jealous of u, because u just seems to get away with stuffs (bad results, your attitude bla bla bla). Funny, cos if i were in your position, i'd really fucked up, big time.
But still i dunno why i still sayang u so much. Bleh...

To aunt sharon/cuz shu-fei:
I rather not u to tell my parents anything about this.

I've been feeling all sorts of emotions, anger, hate, depressed, anxiety, suicidal, stressed, bengang. Till a point i've just become numb.

Things i felt like doing:
1. Jump off the railings (Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *splat*)
2. Cut myself. Some say it works to release the stress inside lulz
3. Smoke. some say it works too
4. Grab a gun and shoot everyone. But guns are unavailable here so maybe i should just stick to parang lulz.
5. Shout and scream and cry.

Life goes on i guess.

Or should it?


p.s.: did this from my fac's pc lab and guess wat? It's raining cats and dogs outside and i can't get back to my room. lulz...

p.p.s: it's thundering like mad now. Maybe those guise above are waiting for me to get out in the rain, then they'll fry me with their bolts lulz...

p.p.p.s: Adei..... sakit....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alright guys, here's my attempt to continue the 'Holder's' Series. It's my first humble story entry. I'd appreciate feedbacks from you guys.

I've just informed the original author, but yet to receive his reply. Meanwhil

"The Holder of Earnesty"
In any city, in any country, go to any orphanage you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of Earnesty."
The smiling and ever helpful face before this would turn into a state full of graveness and seriousness. She would try to revert to her initial smiling face, but will be unable to. Keep insisting to be taken to that person.

She would give in should you be persistent enough.
Leading you to a dark hallway amidst the orphanage, you will hear a series of laughter, innocent at first. As you walk further down the hallway, the laughter gets louder, almost maniacal as you reach the wooden door at the end of it.

The lady would give a look undescribable by words, but you can tell from the frowns on her face begging you to leave the place with her.
You would want to, but to turn away now will render your journey so far pointless and regrettable, as the five items you have previously found would turn on you, unleashing all the pain they have caused unto the individuals that they had until you've found them.

Only this time you're the focus of all the five.

The lady would insert the key into the key hole, all at once the maddening laughter stops. IMMEDIATELY question out loud "Why the sudden earnesty?" The laughter will continue from where it left off, again the insanity ringing in your ears.
Should you failed to ask the question, you will face pain like you never known before, so much so you'd think scratching out your eyes is a feeble attempt to hurt you.

The lady will leave you. You're on your own. Turn the key, and enter through the open door. The sight before you makes you wonder if you've come to the wrong place. Unlike the previous 5 rooms where it's somewhat horrific, this room is filled with innocently crayon drawn pictures, colourful wallpapers. In the middle, sits an innocently looking 5 year old boy. The ambience makes you want to break a smile. On the right side of his shirt is a Mr Smiley button badge.

DON'T. Keep an earnest face for all you can. For failure to do so will be most regrettable.

The boy will look at you through his innocent face, and attempt an innocent smile. He will show you his newly drawn picture, of him sitting on your lap and laughing gently.
Should you stumble and break a smile, you will know pain like you never thought it would be. Not pain through suffering, but pain through the inability to stop laughing. You will laugh out loud, your throat begins to sore, your stomach begins to burn, your back begins to ache. The moisture gets drained from your very body. your stomach will be ruptured and turned inside out. Tears will run down your eyes. The boy, remaining ever innocent looking, asks you "Why you cry?" And the cycle begins all over again, until the next adventurer comes along.

Instead, ask "Why the earnesty?" and the boy will turn into a demonic image. The drawings and colours of the room morphs into hellish images, of fires and devils. Maniacal laughters once again fills the room. The temptation to look into the demon's eyes is strong, but DON'T. Focus on the button badge. Focus of all the happy thoughts you can muster, for the demon shall feed nightmares and horrifice experience into your mind.

Should u succumb to the feedings of the demon, you will experience the pain of inability to stop crying. Tears will flow from your eyes, to a point when it's so dry, blood will flow along as well. Your throat will sore and burn from endless wailings. At the end of it, you'll be merged with the soul of the demon, awaiting your release until the next adventurer comes along.

Should you succeed, the colours will return to the room, and a baby laughter will be heard. The boy vanishes, leaving behind the button badge.

That is object 6 of 538.

Previous series

Original site:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Intra-Varsity Anti Corruption Debate Championship

The event took place from 19th to 21st of September, at P19, FKE (Fakulti Kurang Elektrik XD).
You might ask, since when UTM Debate Club took a turn of interest towards anti-corruption? Well, the reason is that our co-partner, Sekreteriat Pencegah Rasuah (a subsidiary of Badan Pencegah Rasuah), required us to include some anti-corruption related matter in the IV (for obvious reasons duh..). So hence that anti-corruption 

For the event, there were 3 preliminary rounds and 1 final round. Initially it was made to be 2 pre-lim rounds, 1 semi and 1 final. But after much consideration (like how to ensure participants will come for day 2…), we changed it to 3 pre-lim rounds (2 on day 1, 1 on day 2). Well it’d be quite boring if we make the topics all anti-corruption related throughout the IV, so we’re making only the final round to be anti-corruption related. Hey it still fulfill the requirement XD ! Nay, we’ve agreed on it with the SPR side wan la.. Where can simply do wan.

Motions were given out beforehand. They were:
1. THBT the The Tarik experimentation in space is a significant research.
2. THBT UiTM should be opened.
3. THBT artists should not come from reality TV shows.
4. THBT Smart Day does not equal smart students.

However, the motion for the final is not released, until the day itself.

Day 0 (19th Sept, Friday)

Workshops were held to provide briefings on how a debate should go, and what we/they should expect out of the debate rounds as well as the whole event.

The workshop was handled by Keith (on argumentations and rebuttals), Melissa (on roles of speakers), and myself (on overview of debate). At first we didn’t plan to have a mock debate (due to time restriction), but because the crowd wants one, so we gave them one! XD

It was just a 3 minutes speech. Not to show off our abilities, but to give a rough idea on how a debate should be.

Mel delivering her 'lecture' XD

Day 1 (20th Sept, Saturday)

A total of 8 teams were present for the event. There were initially 12 teams, but the other 4 FFK’ed (Bleh….). But still the show must goes on.
Teams were given 20 minutes to prepare for the debate. Each speaker is given 5 minutes to deliver his/her speech, and 3 minutes for reply speeches.

Round 1 sees that motion no.4, 4. THBT Smart Day does not equal smart students, was to be debated.

It can be seen though due to experience matter, some teams were facing some difficulty in debating. Nonetheless, a debate still existed, i.e. the teams were clashing on principles and ideas. Considering the fact that they’re greens, their performance is rather above expectation. At the end of round 1, it is seen that Smart Day in UTM is to be abolished, as for all 4 rooms the opposition takes the win. FYI though, SmartDay is a day (on Mondays) where students have to dress smartly, i.e. formally. That’s shirts and ties and slacks for guys and bikinis for ladies.

Nay just joking. Ladies are to wear formally too, from baju kurung to knee length skirts (though I have nothing against shorter lengths…) and shirts.

Round 2 was to debate on motion no. 2; THBT UiTM should be opened. This round sees that the teams have performed better than round 1. Perhaps because now they know how a debate feels like.
My bad I couldn’t provide any summary of the round, because I was too damn tired and I fell asleep. (Lolwut….). Anyway, leading the teams were team PMH (Persatuan Mahasiswa Hindu) and JP Morgan (team led by Yeo), with 2 wins each.

Teams taking a chill pill after a fiery debate in the room

Teh Fiery moment...

Day 2 (21st Sept, Sunday)

I had a test in the morning (yes a freaking test on a Sunday morning dammit….). Bryan and Meng Kuan was taking that subject as well, so all 3 of us have to bail on the first part of Day 2.

Nonetheless, I let Kylie to handle the event. Things went well anyway so it’s all good 

Round 3 motion was THBT artists should not come from reality TV shows. Because I was MIA, so don’t blame me for missing summary :p

Anyway, team PMH was leading with 3 wins (W00t they won all 3 rounds), and there were 4 teams with 2 wins each. So to determine who goes through, the captains of each team have to play hide and seek; the last one standing goes through.

Please don’t tell me you fall for that… XD
To determine who goes through, the total speaker score was referred. So the verdict was: JP Morgan will face PMH in the final round.
Final round
Motion: THBT both corruption crime committers and their families should be punished.
Gov: PMH Opp: JP Morgan
The motion was my idea. Thankfully it got accepted and agreed on by most. Even Mr Farid approves (thumbs up for me!). Teams were given 30 minutes to prepare.
The VIPs reached earlier than expected, so I had to move everything to earlier timing. Initially the SPR dude requested the finals to be had at 12:35 pm, so I just agree.
Last minute thing (during the reply speeches of round 3), he told me finals to be held at 12 pm.
After some negotiation and compromise, it was pushed back to 12:15pm. Bleh…
VIPs arrived, the big shots of BPR of Johor came (lolwut…), TNC HEP came too (lolwut…), HEP staffs came along as well (lolwut……..). So yes dayem it was big.. To stall for more time, there was to be a welcoming speech. Everybody looks at me. I went “I can’t. I gotta deliver a speech after the final round!”

So I passed the honour to the ex-president, Keith-o XD
Oh well, it went just well no problem 
Anyway, teams were ready for final round. And the debate began.
I must say though, despite them being green and novice, a very good debate took place. It can be clearly seen why they were in the finals. All the speakers spoke with such charisma and confidence, that managed to impress me too XP
Round over, then it was my turn to perform. I must say, despite having debated for a bajillion years now, it is still quite nerve wrecking to speak in front of so many big shots (Dayem the TNC is here too!!)

Anyway, I did my thing. Said whatever I wanna say (I didn’t even prepare a script or shit). Most importantly, I took the golden time I had, to extend my gratitude to those mattered. Firstly was the SPR dudes out of protocol.
Next was Mr Farid, the assistant registrar of HEP. He has given the debate club tremendous support and guidance, so much so the other societies would’ve hire assassin to bust my ass if they know how much of help I was given XD (IEM and AIESEC would be the first ones, because Mel and Fadli knows ady, and how they each time yell “UNFAIR UNFAIR!!!!” at me. HAHAHA)

Next was Keith, the former prez of UTM Debate Club. This dude had turned 1800 since he stepped down from presidency. From serious face to become the biggest joker (while I took over his role, AND seriousness too). Nonetheless, he has provided lots of moral support to me.
Not to forget the UTM Debate Club members as well. But most of them were outside discussing on the final round (they were adjudicators for finals), so I guess they missed my thanks 

Last but not least, a big thanks to those who participated. They’ve shown great performance in the event. Hopefully they’ll come again for the next Intra-V (if there’s a next one la….)
Anyhow, on a 5-2 split decision (chaired by Zulfadli), the house believes that the motion stands.

It means the government won XD
All the participants were given certificates for their participation. There were prizes for the winners and the runner-ups.

For champion; the team receive RM500 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy,
for runner up; the team receives RM300 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy.

Pictah tiem!!
Certs are presented to participants by TNC and BPR-Johor Director


Alright I think I’ve written quite a report here (as per Ken’s request). Thanks for reading
Signing out

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally! The Intra-V has passed! My two tests (same day, tuesday :x) has passed!

Just as i thought i shall be relieved of all the stress..

I lost my dad's jacket :(

He's not too happy about it :(

The cycle never ends... Bleh...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We've all been anticipating this date, 9-16.

So yes, we have a rather big news today.

But not on politics.

U guys just read on yourself.

Kidnappers murder schoolgirl, torch body and demand ransom from family

JOHOR BARU, Sept 16 - A group of youths kidnapped a 16-year-old schoolgirl, murdered her and torched the body in Kulai Jaya last Friday.

The kidnappers then demanded a RM33,000 ransom from Lai Ying Xin's family to secure her "release"!

The family paid the ransom - unaware that the victim's body had been dumped in undergrowth in Taman Putri.

Police believe the teenager was murdered within 24 hours of being kidnapped in front of a supermarket where she was working part-time.

Johor police deputy chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said a police team arrested a 16-year-old school dropout and two men in a Perodua Kembara in Kulai at 6.15pm yesterday.

He said two-thirds of the ransom money was seized from the suspects. Tun Hisan said about an hour later, another 16-year-old suspect was nabbed to facilitate investigations.

Following interrogation of the four, the police were led to Taman Putri about 1.40am today, where Lai's charred remains were found.

The suspects have been remanded until Sept 21 to facilitate investigations under Section 3 of the Kidnapping Act 1961 which carries a death sentence, or life imprisonment and whipping upon conviction.

Tun Hisan said the family knew the identity of the kidnappers.

"The victim was a bright student... she scored distinctions in seven subjects in the PMR examination last year." - Bernama

Let's dedicate a moment of silence to the victim. May her soul find peace.

Raging out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More of babis great babifications

Kebabian Terbilang

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hosted by UTM English Debate club, co-partner: Sekretariat Pencegah Rasuah (a subsidiary of BPR)

Some brief details:

1. Prizes:
Champion : RM500 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy
Runner-up : RM300 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy
Best Speaker : Individual trophy

2. Requirements:
No experience required
No participation fees
A team of 3 debaters, plus 1 optional reserve
Student of UTM, be it post or undergrad.
Topics will be given before hand upon team registration
Registration deadline : 17th Sept 2008, Wednesday

3. Date/Venue:

19th-21st September 2008
P19, FKE

4. Things worth noticing
- Our co-partner, SPR, have invited their VVIP, i.e. the Head of BPR for state of Johor to attend. The TNC of UTM will be attending the closing ceremony too. So expect it to be big :)

- The winner of this championship will get to represent the state of Johor to participate in programmes organised by BPR. Basically u'll get to go places for free (transport, lodgings, food, all paid :))

- NO senior members of the Debate Club shall be participating. This is to ensure a fair playing level for others :)

We'd appreciate any participation we can get.
The programme won't focus so much on debate, rather it's to bring in UTM students to have some casual 'arguing sessions' (:lol:)
Any questions can PM me or contact me at 016-9100556

kinwai @ MyKy44

Friday, September 12, 2008

U know, this just boils my blood.

A head of division, made a racist remark;
- suspended for 3 years, which ends just nicely on the starting of next GE.
- apparently planning a road trip to spread the 'truth' (wat? that Malays are the only worthy ppl of Bolehland and other races are all penumpangs?)

A reporter, who's doing her duty;
- got detained under ISA

A blogger, who's providing analysis as well as opinions of the other side of the story;
- got detained under ISA

Kebabian Terbilang la Babi Negara

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


...AA.........AA..........AA..........AA..........H......H..........H......H......!!! !!!
A.....A.....A.....A.....A.....A.....A.....A.......H......H..........H......H..... !!! !!!
AAAA......AAAA......AAAA......AAAA.........HHHH...........HHHH..... !!! !!!
A.....A.....A.....A.....A.....A.... A.....A.......H......H..........H..... H
A.....A.....A.....A.....A.....A.... A.....A...... H......H..........H......H..... !!! !!!





The sound that i'd most probably make on my way down

Friday, September 5, 2008


Well near the end of last year, Keith (ex-president) told me
"When u take over u gotta be more serious ady."

I just replied "I'll try la. Though i doubt i can though. Hahaha."

Nay. It just came naturally. I'm becoming more serious, i guess.
In the sense i can feel i'm not as noisy and playful as last time anymore.

Even May nowadays when she called she told me i'm not fun to talk with anymore.

I can't blame her. I guess i am growing out to be a pretty boring person nowadays.
I think i'm suffereing from depression and stress.
Maybe the fact that i'm staying alone made me worse too. I have no one to talk cock with.

Many times i just feel like screaming/crying/jump over the railings and just fall to my oblivion.
I feel like giving up.
I dunno where the problem is.
Unlike last time, now i can't point out where/wat's my problem.
My life is becoming more disorganised.

My tests, slightly average results only. I gotta buck up in test 2 to cover up the losses i made.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another holiday -__-

Tak mau do a patriotic post la.
Instead, it's LANSI TIEM!!!

MG Daddy 2.0 and MG Gyan!

It comes with free gift!

Some... magnetic stamp/clipper of somesort
(Supposed to have clear blue base and Amuro Ray card as well,
but the guy will post to me later)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Nendoroid Yoko

Nendoroid Lion Saber

No no don't focus on the uncle, read the banner.. XD

Election times are fun time.. I love poster wars

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1. Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation

2. Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.


1. The age you'll be on your next birthday.

2. A place you'd like to travel to.
Akibahara in Japan; the home of otakus Anime and GUNDAM!

3. Your favourite place.

Sorry lo EV for copying :w

4. Your favourite food.

Cendol and Rojak Pasembor... Best giler...

5. Your favourite pet.

Adik bodo aku.... hahaha

6. Your favourite color combination.

Ek... can't find an image which suits..

7. Favourite piece of clothing.

Not i wear ma :w

8. Your all-time favourite song.

Linkin Park - Crawling. Heals my stress...

9. Your favourite TV show.

Not exactly on TV though....

Gundam 00

10. The first name of your significant other/crush.

Lupa la sayang oi....

11. The town in which you lived.

Because i malas to find another one so kopi pasta from EV je..

12. Screen name/Nickname.

Change it to MyKy cos spelling looks cooler :w

13. Your first job.

Operator. Lol the perfect xprnce...

14. Your dream job.

Whichever that can give me lotsa this..

15. A bad habit you have.

Being lazy.
Spot on EV :W

16. Your worst fear.


17. The one thing you'd like to do before you die.

Eat everything edible in the wrold =D
Copied again due to laziness ZzZz

I tag

Anyone who's as bored as I am and who would like to do a picture tag.