Monday, June 25, 2007

RM 2 billion??

Times like this made me feel, why do we need politicians? Or even maybe how the people chose their representative?

When a problem arises they tend to give silly and stupid reasons and answers.

Well, maybe it’s all good, even a moron can be the president of US, so what’s the big deal eh?

I was watching news the other day, just a bit of it only though. The main news were regarding the RM 2 billion tunnel, which was built somewhere in KL. It came out in the newspaper today, a whole 2-page interview with the minister who’s in charge of it.

Reading through some, he said the tunnel can’t solve the flood water 100%, but only to about 44%. Well, the reason he gave was this, the people tends to look at the big number (RM 2 billion) and feel it should be able to solve the flashflood issue completely. But this is not the only solution (not word by word though).

His arguments was around the fact that the place (somewhere along Sg. Besi) is unsuitable to build a river/big drain on, which was planned initially. So, a tunnel turns out to be the next best thing.

But the tunnel will be used at best 3 times yearly, so Pak Lah suggested if it’s able to add value to it. So, the tunnel is also an underground highway.

Well, it sounds like a good idea. Not the perfect solution, at least it works both ways eh? Tolls will be operating the highway to pay for the cost (tolls are meant to be that way rite?)

But…. It’s a tunnel meant to channel the flood water into other place/reservoir right? So water will be flowing, right? Yes, there’s a river underneath the highway for the water to flow, and when excessive water is flowing it’ll fill up the whole tunnel. In that case, how to evacuate the people inside? He said it’ll only takes 10 minutes, for evacuation, in the mean time the excessive water is to be channeled into a reservoir, which takes 30 minutes to fill up.

It is technically feasible, theoretically desirable, yet presently facing few problems.

Firstly, what if there’s panic among the people in the tunnel? Chaos inside there will be hard to be controlled. It’ll take more than just 10 minutes under these circumstances. Why panic? If flood is happening, the tunnel is going to be filled up. People inside is gonna get drown!! Somehow I feel the evacuation is not going to be easy.

The second thing which got me pissed is that in the news, they were showing a video clip sent by a UM student, showing cracks in the tunnel, and water are visibly dripping. His reply wasn’t the best possible one, even my grandma can do better than that.

He said if a crack were to be like that, the water surely isn’t going to drip like that. He’s more like implying that the video is a hoax.

I was like wow! First was the absurd cost of the damn thing. Then the effectiveness of it (less than 50%). Now he’s denying the video. One can only imagine the consequences if the crack really gave way. Something like the one in the Immigration Centre, only this time it isn’t gonna be just a few drops.

Lives will be lost. Not only those in the tunnel, the ones on top of it, i.e. ground level are going to be affected as well. I don’t know wat ter to use, perhaps cave in will be the one.

He should at least say that a maintenance crew will be sent to check out the crack, not denying it!

2 billion! That’s a good sign isn’t it? Malaysia’s economic growth must be really good to be able to spend that much of money.

Possibilities ISA will pay me a visit? Haha…

Feedbacks definitely welcomed.

Signing out…