Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mother fucker i'm down wit flu again... It's the 3rd time this sem!!

The night before Mid-autumn i.e. monday....
Just when i thought another remarkable day is going to pass me by, my debate senior/friend Chong visit me. To return few shirts which i lent him.
Anyhow, he produced a bottle from a plastic bag. "Eh man this for u."
The first sight, it's a standard glass bottle, like those they use to fill soya milk.

The thing is, i thought it's Yellow wine, the type they use for cooking, also drinking. So i said "Man i don't drink this wan la."

"It's red wine, my mother made. It's good shit man."

He poured into 2 little glass he brought along. Took a sip, and like. "Holy motherfucker of piss and shits!! It's fantastic!!"

Wow.... it was good man.. And we sat in my room balcony and enjoy the night view. I opened a mooncake, just the thing for the occasion. Yeah..... At last, a remarkable day made remarkable in UTM....

We plan to finish the whole bottle this Thursday, along wit Melissa and Kin lik. Can't wait man..

But then, i guess the wine is too good for me, i suspect my flu came along wit it...

Cheers, to Chong and his mum! Mucho Gracias!!

Sneezing out..

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It means wat the fuck banana. Learnt it from the best, i.e. Eevon. Haha.

Exactly, man, wtfbnn. U guys read about a 6 year old girl who was found dead in a sports bag in PJ?

How wrong can a person go? According to post mortem, stuffs (u wouldn't wanna know, trust me) were found inside her vagina and anus. It's believed that so much so both the openings converged into one, single hole. Like fucked up man. How wrong can a person go?

As if that's not enough, he goes to stuff the poor thing inside a sports bag, and left it in a bookshop. Apparently the girl died of a punctured intestine. So the guy is not directly involved in her death. She was just stuffed wit stuff, so the guy is not brought under the laws of rape. So will this mean he'll be able to walk out freely?

I certainly hope to death he won't. No, spare him the pleasure of ending-it-all in capital punishment. I'd rather him have the treatment to that of those in Guantanamo Bay. Fucken monster....

Why is there such person walking around in Malaysia? Worse is, Malaysia just only proudly celebrates her 50th Independence. How can we proudly celebrates, when such criminal walks upon the face of our country? While we go around the globe shouting Merdeka, problems like this a.ka. rape and such still exist..

And in UPM lately, such issues still exist?? Wat's the whole meaning of Independence then? Wat? Malaysia for Malays only? WTFBNN man. Total discrimination, unjust and abuse of power.

Comments welcomed, flamings not.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dammit.... I'm feeling depressed for no apparent reason.

Today is the third day. I seriously dunno wat the fuck is wrong wit me. Simply has no mood to do anything at all.

Totally sucks man. Totally

Saturday, September 15, 2007


NACES are here! And over. Wat's that? It's acronym for National Chemical Engineering Symposium. I was the MC.

Yeah exactly. Why the hell is an Electrical Eng. student i.e. me doing there? Haha. Mel asked me if i could help her out, since she's in the organising committee. So i agreed, because can get paid and, can see girls from other uni.

Well at least that introduction caught everyone's attention; "Ello everyone, my name is KinWai, i'm from the Electrical Eng. fac. Yeah wat the hell am i doing here rite? Beats me man. I have no idea.."
That made everyone laughed out. A good start to chill ppl out indeed.

So what i did? Basically in charge of the ice-breaking sessions, workshops and all.

During the workshops, where participants are to prepare their paper presentation, i got really bored. Because there's nothing for me to do at all. So i went around, probing from group to group, checking out their progress. Yep, being the whip of a debater, i identified the loopholes of their proposals. Wow.... The size of the holes.. Can fit in a 2 tonne truck!! OH well..

Then was to be the moderator for a debate session. This was held the next day. I felt it was really unfair, as one of the participants of the debate was really a debater. So yes, the others got a bashing from him.

Anyhow, took pictures. Tht's the whole point of this post eh? Haha.The outcome not as good this time around (not as good as Australs.). But still, ok ok la;


WTF i can't upload my pic...