Monday, October 15, 2007

Wah la la....

Yay back to Klang. Woo hoo...

The drive back was boring.... driving at 120 km/h all, ALL the way... So totally unlike me...

Ah yes... After such a long absence, seeing May is goooooood....

Yeah tht includes some other friends as well.
In which during that little gathering, this lil hot topic came out..

I.e. the recent launching of M'sian astronaut to the space. Woohoo!
Well, the recent issues were the amount of money burnt... i mean spent for his trainings, bla bla bla.
Yi Jiang added they have a 20 minute fireworks at Putrajaya on that night.

Yep, seems like lots of money put to waste.... i mean put to good use (?).

Ah and the recent incident. Toda to be exact. Seems like the Malaysian system are totally being tested. Be it the work of God, or just fate, it works for me.

First was the bus system, now it's the ferry system. Very very standard Malaysian protocol, nothing can be done about it until the newspaper reports it. Now only they found out the ferry got invalid license. Now only they found out the ferry is not seaworthy. Hah! And lives were lost. Explain that to the families, mo-fo's!!

A traumatic experience to the victims. A daughter lost both her parents and her boyfriend. Another watch helplessly as an old woman drowns.

Indeed, another true beauty of our M'sian gov system. Bunch of mo-fo's running the place. "Budak buka kepala, tengok depan la, dua puluh dua puluh..... Na Na Na Na, NA, na na na na Na..."


Samuel said...

*sigh*.. well Malaysia Boleh!!... btw... that lady that lost her parents wan are from klang, bukit tinggi according to ma dad..