Friday, July 13, 2007

Pretty women.....

I’ve come across a few girls. They’re quite pretty, and gorgeous when they wanted to. They attracted guys’ attentions. But yet they remain single. Because they rejected the guys?

Hah! Maybe so, if there is any proposal for them to reject. It’s not that guys don’t like these girls or anything, it’s just that shit stuff called man macho and ego. These ladies I know are strong, self-sufficient and confident girls. So much so at times they intimidate other less superior males.

One example, just a random one, don’t try to relate to anyone u know ok. A guy likes this girl, but she somewhat falls into the above characteristics. Well, he felt slightly inadequate, in the end he didn’t try at all. Sad I’d say. Maybe if the inadequate guy tried his luck he’d have what he wanted.

Another of my friend told me this. They somewhat had attraction between each other, and were going for some time. But they live far apart though. Well, just as a surprise, the girl flew over to the guy’s place to see him. And the flight ticket’s expensive; she used all of her scholarship money for that trip. Well yeah, he did feel happy. But when she went back to her place, he broke it off. Reason? He felt she’s too strong, coming all the way just to see him.

Sad eh..

I’ve seen/heard a bit too many examples where guys didn’t try their luck in approaching the girl they have feelings on. One that I can remember quite vividly is that the guy was unsure of what the girl is hinting, so at the end he just drop it off completely. BooHoo…

On the other hand, it’s funny how guys feel/think as well.

A man/guy, will always one way or another attracted to girls, even though he’s attached/married. Always they will have this feeling of wanting to date/screw another girl.

Haha. It’s not that they got bored of their spouse or anything, the urge is sometimes just there. While some can control the lust, others who can’t more often than not end up jeopardizing their current relationship, which equals break up or divorce at the end of the day.

It’s just the itch. Hence the seven year itch. Research has shown that in most marriage divorce happens on the 7th anniversary. Maybe it’s not true, I dunno.

I have that itch too sometimes. But of course I keep it under control. I wouldn’t wanna lose may. No. Wouldn’t give her up for anything/anyone in the world.

I feel very lonely.. I moved to my new room today. I feel terrible. I feel fucked up to be back in uni with this bunch of pathetic losers. I feel fucked up to be parted wit my darling. Most of all, I feel fucked up for the fling date I had. Not that I’ve done anything wrong, but I’ve gotta admit, I do feel slight attraction towards the girl. Look, before u guys go “OHHHH…. Kinwai’s being disloyal” , under no circumstances am I going to progress anywhere further. She’s back to China, I’m back in UTM. Clear.

Attracted because she’s articulate, laughs and smiles a lot. Reminds me so much of May. I’m missing her…

I’m missing May…

I feel fucking lonely..