Saturday, June 23, 2007

How time flies…

It’s like the moment we’ve (for the uni students at least) all been waiting for.. It was finally the long holiday!!

And now it’s coming to an end. T_T

May will be going back 2moro. Mostly those who’s involve wit the uni newbies orientation will be going back to their respective uni’s ady.

And I know Simmei has gone back to her uni ady.

So many camps to attend just for this ‘special’ occasion…..

Gosh it’ll be 2 or maybe even 4 ½ month till we meet again. IF may’s not coming back for the mid-sem break, then neither will I.

Sigh…. This is like, the 4th time we’ll be doing this, but still I’m gonna miss her so much… And all of my friends as well (added as an afterthought. HAH!).

May and I were lying down on the floor that one day. We were talking of how we both started, when still in Upper 6. It’s a wonder how we both can be together.

How we still can be together after so many ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that we both are glad that we’re still together, still doing good, and still ever so loving (Awwww…..).

We’ve been almost spending everyday this holiday together, yet it still feels like not enough.

I guess it’s a good thing we’re studying in different uni’s, so far away. As the wise ones said, “You wouldn’t know what u had until u lost it.”

While distance has been an issue for most couple, I feel it actually pulled us closer. The distance made us appreciate every single moment we can spend together, every phone calls we get, and even down to night wishes and, well, ‘kisses’ eh.

Haha, distance definitely wasn’t a factor either for Eevon and Wei Kiat. Such sweet efforts…. I can only but imagine the ‘unfading’ smile in Wei Kiat’s face.

Time to end this, thank u all for reading this.

Signing out.