Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yeah... exam is over and done with. Very glad it's behind me now. And it's pretty quick, of 6 subjects the results for 4 were out. I'm happy wit it, though could've been better...

So, i got an A-, 1 A and 2 A+. Woo hoo!! My carry marks and the final paper for the a- subject wasn't that good, and hence only an a-. Got only myself to blame of cos.

Make no mistake, there's no difference is points for A and A+, it's the same damn 4.0. Pointless, but wtf.

My course finishde the exam kinda late, but i prefer the schedule to be like this. Between each paper we got like 4/5 days to study for it, instead of like an avalanche of papers. Tht's why can chill after each paper.... lol

Royals is like 3 days away, so we've been training kinda intensively. Yeah it rocks of cos. Hopefully this Royals will be as good as the previous one. Wit the 3 senior graduated, and lack of 'happy' people around, i sometimes doubt if it''ll be enjoyable. Oh well wtf, at least Mel and Iskandar can turn up the atmosphere..

Another good thing this sem, i started the sem weighing at 72/3 kg. I reduced it to 67 kg now. Woo hoo!!!

And like going on a further diet, i got myself food poisoning. Wtf of cos not intentionally la!! Tht day went out wit Mel, the day after her b'day. So like for lunch, we had this rice burger. Yeah it's made of rice. Dunno why my system can't digest the damned thing, so suffered indigestions.
So like puked and got diarrhoea... Sucked big time man...

And till now, i'm yet to recover my appetite. Every time i ate i get this wanna puke sensation. Maybe i'm becoming bulemic eh... Haha. All the better for a diet plan..

FYI, the Royals will be held in UiTM Shah Alam, which is very near to Bkt Raja JJ. Come over have a look! OR maybe like giving me some support will be nice..... Haha.

A'ight, signing out, till next time wit a more provocative issue


Esther said...

show off la. hols only atring in mid dec. :(
wah.. so many A's. smart boy.. lol
bulemic? u diet until siao ady ah. hheh
when's the royals?