Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why... Hmmm...

Now tht the state of euphoria has passed slightly, came the impact of dread.

FUCK WEI!!! 245 BUCKS!! U know how much of money is tht ar?? For some plastics some more!!

Ok ok, let's lay out the reasons
1. Aw come on, i scored well for my 3rd sem (3.93)
2. I've been saving for it, how many months i went on IndoMie....
3. I pulled my family together goddammit!!!
4. My team went to Quarters in Royals!!
5. Please..... I really wanted it....

Phew... Ok! Sounds good enough of reasons to me.

La la la


Ah Liau said...

waloa.. ur result getting better n better le.. summore go royals.. so envy u... >_<
anyway.. itz worth it la when u want something u like.. hehe juz like how we spent for dota ma.. if reli wanna count it'll b crazy..

buttercup said...

oh yeah... pretty good huh? hahaha!