Monday, July 16, 2007

*drum rolls.....

DR. Rubita of Electronic Devices!!!


Man she sucked, hard time!! To the point after she spoke for 3 minutes i borrowed my friends reference book to read up on my own instead.

All she does was reading from the slide, which is in Malay, and was pretty obvious done by the previous students..

At the end of the class, after teaching for like 4/5 classes (the first for me, i skipped first 3 days), she asked the class how's her teaching method like.


I can't tell u how difficult was it for me to control myself as to not to fire her straight.
How's your teaching?

U SUCKED!!! Like how the fuck u get your doctorate?? All u do is read from the slide. Even my grandmother can do better than that!

In the end, in a very controlled manner, i told her the slide was too much and why is it still in Malay. Her response? Duh! Just like any other self-proclaimed-doctorate-lecturers would do, she enters her defensive mode.

Boo hoo...

After the class, i suggested to name her Dr. Nobita, to which my friends simply have to agree.


Signing out