Monday, August 6, 2007

Please... Help me...

My sister told me, she had some nightmares lately, but couldn’t remember what. All she can recall is the feeling of fear.

I brushed it off, thinking no big deal of it.

Until 15 minutes ago.

In my own damned room, again.

It came again.

With its crushing force upon me.

The laughter grew more sinister and demonic than the last time.

I couldn’t stop it like last time. I was scared. I was afraid.

It took control of me.

I begged for it to stop.

It did. I was aware, almost awaken. But yet not completely.

I found myself in a room, very much like that of the one I’m staying in my hostel now.

It was night time, the hallway’s light is still on.

On the other end of the room, there’s a person lying on the bed. Screaming rather, in fear.

I can’t make out of what’s happening. It’s all too dreamy, yet so real. I can only see black figures struggling.

Then it stopped. The person awaken, but no fully. Just like me. It turns out to be

My sister… She’s trembling in fear.

All of a sudden, it’s as if the electricity was out. The streetlamps went out. The hallway light went out. I tried the switches.

At first the light came. Then it was off. I then realize the switches were retaliating the force I’m exerting upon them to switch on the lights. I can feel the plastic tilting against my fingers. It was dreamy, yet so real.

The backroom door flung open. The wind was blowing very strongly towards us.

Something was coming.

And it’s very near.

That’s when I jumped back to the world of reality, right on my bed, in my bedroom.

My heart was thumping very hard. It felt like it was, tore open, as if was pierced with a lance of fear.

I’m so fucking scared. I’m afraid.

God please help me.


buttercup said...

hey... is this real or not? if it is yes, there's only 2 probs to that, from wat i know.

1st, are u n ur sister under stress? if yes, just go out and relax. passing all the exams is not everything!

2nd, how did u sleep? i mean the posteur. if u happened to exert pressure on ur arm or finger, in ur dream u'll somehow find that something is happening to ur hand. it is actually the mind that makes u to move ur body so that the pressure on ur arm can be released so that ur arm can get enough oxygen.

i hope at least these helped u alil. but i would suggest u to slp in a proper way first.

MyKy said...

To botak:
my sister maybe, but i don't think i'm under any hard stress.
I don't think it's the sleeping posture either, because the force seems to be exerted around my face.
Nvm now, no more disturbance after i'm back in uni.

BTW, the back alley of my house is 'dirty'. My dad has heard 'sounds' quite a few times when he go to kitchen during late nights. But they'll go away during Azan.

Thanks anyhow

buttercup said...

hahaha.. really? it would be interesting then. haha! maybe i should go your house one day then.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

that is creepy u guys!