Saturday, September 15, 2007


NACES are here! And over. Wat's that? It's acronym for National Chemical Engineering Symposium. I was the MC.

Yeah exactly. Why the hell is an Electrical Eng. student i.e. me doing there? Haha. Mel asked me if i could help her out, since she's in the organising committee. So i agreed, because can get paid and, can see girls from other uni.

Well at least that introduction caught everyone's attention; "Ello everyone, my name is KinWai, i'm from the Electrical Eng. fac. Yeah wat the hell am i doing here rite? Beats me man. I have no idea.."
That made everyone laughed out. A good start to chill ppl out indeed.

So what i did? Basically in charge of the ice-breaking sessions, workshops and all.

During the workshops, where participants are to prepare their paper presentation, i got really bored. Because there's nothing for me to do at all. So i went around, probing from group to group, checking out their progress. Yep, being the whip of a debater, i identified the loopholes of their proposals. Wow.... The size of the holes.. Can fit in a 2 tonne truck!! OH well..

Then was to be the moderator for a debate session. This was held the next day. I felt it was really unfair, as one of the participants of the debate was really a debater. So yes, the others got a bashing from him.

Anyhow, took pictures. Tht's the whole point of this post eh? Haha.The outcome not as good this time around (not as good as Australs.). But still, ok ok la;


WTF i can't upload my pic...


Esther said...

read twice only got it. chemical.. electrical. lol

MyKy said...

HAha as expected la, u're slow wat. HAHA!