Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Waiting for this......

I'm waiting for this.... So impatiently ady... Been wanting this.... Retail price at RM 145.
So i searched in LYN at Garage Sales, see if can get cheaper price.

And so i found!! the guy just took out the stands, while the rest of the kit is still in the runners
(i.e. unopened)
He's selling for....

90 bucks!! - 45 bucks for the stand. So i was like WTF ambik je la!! He's in KL, if post to UTM costs 20 bucks. So i calculated, if post 90 + 20 = 110; didn't save much also le.
Then an idea pops up. "I ask my friend COD wit him, ma kau tim ady lo."

And so i did! Asked 'Ken' to COD wit him, turns out that dude lives near his place only. Best part is, Ken will deliver the box for free! Since he'll be coming to UTM anyways.

And 'Ken' called me up saying he got my Gundam ady. Wohoo!!!!

So now just gotta wait.... and wait.... and wait...

Faster come to me Mk-II

The missing stand. It's ok wit me without it.

Beam Launcher!!


Anxious nye.....