Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morning call!!

Wat a way to wake me up today.
Mel called me at around 11am:
"Kinwai u still have the invitation letter for AUDC ar? The HEP say they don't have la. Farid also say he don't have. They need the letter to process the cheque."

I was immediately awoken. "WAT??!! I passed to Farid so long ago ady la. Like January or Feb."

Called up IIU guys, had them fax the letter over.

Next headache, i called the person in charge of the finance up, Zati.
"It's a blanket rule, i'm sorry but i can't help u in this."
She refer to the extra charge for paying late.

So now what? More paperwork for us to ask for more money?

N**m*h UTM.... (o_O ) q

*censored cos got school children read here ><

edit: First phase passed. Yem of IIUM said there'll be no extra charge. Yes!!

Now to get thru UTM HEP phase... Fuel Injection p (*__*) q

edit2: Second phase passed. HEP UTM got the faxed invitation letter and currently processing the cheque.

Phase 3: Bank in money and confirm place. MyKy, Ikimasu!!! (^o^ ) q