Friday, April 18, 2008

I need..... garlic??

I've acquired a personal record for this sem i think, for every 2 weeks, i sure will fall sick once. There's 1 month when i fall sick every week!
Now i've got on and off fever. My exams are coming dammit..... pls let me recover....

So i was told, "Eat more vit C, eat.... garlic."
Of cos i went "Huh?? Betul ke ni?"
Anything goes la i guess.

Bring the garlics in!!

I'm falling really sick now... ARGH!!! Are my days coming to an end....? Even if it is, NO sammy u can dream on of me giving u all my Gundams!

Oh btw, i got the 'professional advice' from our fellow 'potential drug dealer' friend. So u're WRONG again sammy!!


Samuel said...

garlic good ma... fend of sickness and also vampires... but the doctor must had forgotten to tell you that in order to get well from sick... you need to give out all your gundams to me!!


MyKy said...

>>sammy: ya rite. I give u the leftover plastics la ok?