Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alamak... tag lagi.

Whoa.. 3 posts today!!

Tagger: Shirlyn Yap

list out the top 5 presents you wish for.
1. i-phone
2. new wallet *hint hint. i know MG gundam is waaaay too expensive. So this will do la
3. Can i ask for retest?
4. Se... i mean more gundams would be nice :D
5. More se... em... faster internet connection!

Let's see.... the manual says..
"praise the tagger who tagged the taggee."

Hmmm... Betul ke ni?? Wat a one-sided tag o_0

Shirlyn Yap.... er Yap wat ar?
1. Akh... so long no see how to remember? Er... very pretty
2. thin
3. voice very sweet
4. soft hearted
5. hair very nice

Generic lines/praises used to pujuk girls

Most memorable things he/she has give/done for you
Lao eh... er.. Ah! She invited me to her blog

The most memorable words he/she said to you
"Mai sot u think i'm your maid ar?" in laykuan's blog

If he/she becomes your lover,you will
be chopped into 18 pieces by may, splashed acid by her friends, incinerated by hers and my mum

If he/she becomes your enemy,the reason will be
she caused me to be done all of the above answer

Pass the quiz to 5 people that you wish to know how they feel about you:
Most sure tengah busy studying wan this time, oh wth..

1. samuel (ya i can tell the replies, so same to u (o_0 ) qlo )
2. Ee Von
3. Simmei (so unlikely she's gonna do..)
4. Esther
5. ShinD

1. Who is No.3 having relationship with?
her studies...

2.Who is No.5 having relationship with?
her shoes

3.If No.3 and No.2 are together,will it be a good thing?
yeah, totally. Wat a perfect pair!

4. What about No.4 and No.5?
Em... ok ok lo. Not as matching as Q3

5.What is No.3 studying?
professional drug making; pharmacy

6.When's the last time you chatted with No.5?
2 days ago on MSN

7. Does No.4 work?
yeah, sitting on couch, watch TV all day long, sleep

8.Do you have any cousin in his/her own school?
huh? no la

9. Will you be with No.1?
yeah baby. more reasons to do so now wit male pregnancy available

10.How about No.5?
wat a burden to carry ><

11. Does No.2 have any siblings?
yeah, 1 younger sis and 1 younger bro

12. How did you get to know about No.2 and No.4?
no.2 - schoolmates, and also sama sama pengawas
no.4 - classmate for Form 6

13.Where does No.1 live at?
er, Bukit Tinggi

14. How did you get to know No.2?
deng... giler ke ask same question.. same same perfect.. i mean prefect

15. Is No.5 the sexiest person in the world?
ok la just to make u happy... YES!!


Esther said...

walao.. my tags berlambak-lambak ady la

"7. Does No.4 work?
yeah, sitting on couch, watch TV all day long, sleep"

nice. very nice har kinwai.

ey, she has 2 sisters la

MyKy said...

>>Esther: Haha yeah it's intended to be funny.

Oh got 2 ar? ooohh