Tuesday, April 1, 2008

La la la

Well if u're born today doesn't necessarily mean u're a fool, so no worries! Although u'll be the favourite target to be pranked upon....

Nay, no point wasting time to fool u all with my post. What i wanna share here is how we played a prank on our coursemate...
It was thoroughly planned by... (can't reveal all names la... haha)
1. SL
2. Z
3. Me

Target : Jms
Bait : KK (a girl, no she doesn't know anything of this operation)

Here's how it went....

Me: (Acting as though talking on the phone) Oh. Ok ok i'll tell him. Eh Jms, u got Taiwan dramas rite?
Jms: Ya. Got.
Me: KK called me just now, she wanna copy a few from u. She'll coming over to the block in a while more.
Jms: Huh? Really ar? how wanna transfer to her?
Me: Use LAN cable ke, ext hard disk ke, pen drive ke, or lend your laptop to her la straight. U kau tim la, i gotta make a call now. (Walked off, suppressing laughter)
Jms: Sei lo sei lo.. how how?
Z: Aiya nothing big la. Just copy and pass it to her la

I dunno wat Z told him, cos i walked away ady. Whatever it is he's so damn effective, Jms bought the whoel story completely..
I went back to the room of occurence, and pretend to study (test 2moro ma).

Here's when i felt kinda worried.

Jms: walks in and out of the room, mundar mandir, smiling to himself <-- (O_o)
How le how le. I got no ext hard disk now. Ah just pass my laptop to her la. But then 2moro morning i wanna do wat without my laptop then?
jalan sini jalan sana lagi. Ah! Just use pendrive la.
Walks back to his room.
Z and SL: Acts studying and discussing, and tell Jms to relax and fast, she'll be coming soon.

Fast forward.
We waited upstairs at the balcony, talking among ourselves:
Me: Eh he really believe le? How? Some more i see him smiling and like very happy like tht. How la??
Z: Haha Haha
SL: See la if he really go down or not.
Me: Whatever it is, i'm NOT the one to say April Fool!!
Comes my roommate: Wat?
hearing the storyline : U all fucked up la!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

While we were talking and laughing, Jms really went down!! He waited at the parking area, and all of us ducked and hid behind the cloths hanging at the balcony. In the end...
Z: Jms ah. Wat's the date ah today?
Jms: Huh?
SL: April Fool Jms!
Jms: Ma te.... $%&%*$%#$^$%&

Luckily he's ok wit it. But it was damn funny really, we didn't believe he really bought the story completely!

It all happened at 12 am last morning.