Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Tag!! ><

I am doing this not because I am really bored... It's because i've got no mood for anything at all, except for sex.. hahaha

Tagged by Sammy


First Name: Loh

Nickname : Handsome, Cutey, Sexy. wtf who am i kidding? Maikai, lancau lang, babi

Name you wish you had: kinwai is a nice name so no complaints

What do people normally mistake your name as: Kim wai.. and this one, annoys the hell out of me: ppl pronounce MyKy as "Huh? mickey?" Niamah .0. (0_0) .0.

Birthday: 14th May. An MG gundam would be nice ^^ (Yes sim mei i awaits!)

Birthplace: Segamat, Johor, or so i was told la

Time of Birth: Tiu da hell i know...

Single or taken: Taken and available.. Hahahaha XD

Zodiac sign: Lembu

Your Appearance

How tall are you: 170 cm

Wish you were taller: Yeah definitely

Eye color: Black and a little bit of brown..

Eye color you want: I like it the way it is.

Natural Hair color: Dead black

Current Hair color: a bit red, failed dye attempt ><

Short or long hair: Short. My hair grow damn fast wan

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Yeah, gold

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: Dyed my hair as gold. kicks ass!!

Glasses or contacts: Glasses

Do you wear make-up: a bit lo to cover up

Ever had hair extensions: gosh... i can't tell ppl this can i..

Paint your nails: No. but i buff them ^^

Bath and Body products? : Shokubutsu...

In the opposite gender

What color eyes: Blue.... aaahhh..

What color hair: Brown and blond.. Aaahhh...

Shy or Outgoing: outgoing!!!

Looks or personality: Personality

Sexy or Cute: Sexy baby sexy... now shake that ass baby 3

Serious or Fun: Fun la deng

Older or Younger than you: Older also nvm wan

A turn on: Has high sex drive.. Oh yeah baby give it to me

A turn off: Quiet, very very shy, low sex drive.. :o'

Flowers or Chocolate: Chocolate

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Rap or Rock: Jazz?

Relationship or One night stand: I need an one night stand now.... ><

School or Work: Working lady turns me on baby... But girls in uniform also very tempting.. Now which one shall i choose?

Love or Money: Moneh moneh

Movies or Music: Music.

Country or City: Kampung boleh?

Sunny or Rainy days: Sunny

Friends or Family: Can i say my girlfriend? *ouch ouch ok ok ok!!*

Have you ever

Lied: I'm a debater.. What do u think?

Stole something: I've stolen girls' hearts. Haha

Smoked: Er.....

Hurt someone close to you: Yes.

Broke someone’s heart: Think so lo

Had your heart broken: Sigh.... yeah...

Wish you were a prince/princess: wtf for?

Liked someone who was taken: She's getting married wtf!!! .0. (0_0) .0.

Shaved your head: Going to

Been in love: Yeah!!

Used chopsticks: Duh! u wanna eat one tonne mee with fork and spoon ar??

Sang in the mirror to yourself: I'm a rockstaaaaaarr!!


Flower: Yu Fa.. Hahaha

Song: Buckcherry- Sorry

Scent: Christian Dior Addict... Makes me go weak...

Color:Black. Gold. Red.

Movie: Russell Peters kicks ass... hahaha

Singer: Chester Bennington, from Linkin Park

Word: (Get ready for this) NIAMAH (o_O) ql0!! Tiu.. Cibai, Lancau, Fuck, Ass, asshole, bitch, Hai lat, point sir.

Junk food : woman's fruit... Hahahaha


Location: down there down there

Animal: Pussy.. cat. haha

Ever cried over someone: yeah.. T_T

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : be a monk..

Do you think you’re attractive: well like duh...

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: none...

Do you play any sports: futsal, football, a indoor sport which involves oscillation of the right hand (sometimes left)

List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people

1. I love my girlfriend.

2. I like gundams (in case u haven't notice)

3. I like debating

4. I like girls, ladies and women

5. I go on a diet

6. I wished i could have more than one girlfriend

7. I prefer to hang out with girls (hahahahahaha)

8. I have many troubles within myself. I'm one troubled soul.

8 people unlucky victim that I would like to pawn tag for this taggy:

i. Lydia
ii. B-cup (or u done this ady ar?)
iii. Shirlyn
iiii. EV
iiiii. Esther
iiiiii. Simmei
iiiiiii. Starsword
iiiiiiii. (Niamah running out of names liao) nicko