Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lao eh... i've been doing so good for the first 2 tests and all the quizes, suddenly test 3 kill me, for 2 subjects dammit!!

For EMT been getting 37/40 for both tests, 10's and 9's for quiz, suddenly test 3 15/30.. ARGH!!!
My carry marks is now 40.5/50, all because of test 3 la ma hai..

Then comes E2 (electronic circuit), also the same case only babi babi. Test 1,2 and quizes doing good, test 3 kills.

Niamah (o_0) qlo

Slipping down the slippery slope towards the end of sem.......

Fuck it!! I still can get A punya. Just need more effort now!!

.0. (0_0) .0. see la gonna maintain my CGPA wan mo-fo

Fucking out