Thursday, April 10, 2008

Male pregnancy

Ken: "Medical.... ya, check out the latest issue, something to do with male pregnancy."

I was like o_O


Ken: "Yeah, male prego. Go google."

And so i did.

There were two cases:
1. Thomas Beattie.
Well, nothing much here. I was reading and reading and just went "Niamah...."
The so called man was a woman, a transexual. So nothing biggie here i suppose, since he was a woman, hence she'd have those required parts.... Wait that doesn't so right. OMG i'm so filled with engineering terms :x

Since he was a woman, hence he has all the female reproductive system hence still enable him/her to carry a child.

Nothing biggie.

"False alarm.. Niamah (o_0) qlo" I thought.

2. Lee Mingwei
Now this is the real deal, he's a real man (er, so to speak la), PREGNANT.
The link:

Naturally, one's reaction would be:
a) Niamah WTF u fucking out of your fucking mind ar??!!

b) Medical/Science has gone too far!! U shall be burnt to hell!!

c) Lao the advancement of medical/science. Bravo!

d) I also wanna try...

I somewhat felt us Malaysians would generally choose the first reaction..
But after reading the articles, i began to understand the pros of it. I'm still yet to accept the idea as a whole, but as usual, and as a debater, i have to look at both sides of the story. So let's dissect:

1. It's against the law of nature. Women are the ones to bear the child, never the man. The women's body is created as such so to do this very obligation.

2. It'd further encourage gay couples to bear their own child!

1. The process of carrying and delivering a child, a life into the world, is a beautiful process. Why deny the men of such experience? When look as a whole, he is after all, bringing in a life to the world. Why the discrimination when a woman can do so?

2. On the other hand, it allows transexuals (man ==> woman) to have their own child as well.

For now i couldn't think of any other arguments to add on.
Perhaps u guys have something to say?

Signing out