Monday, April 7, 2008

Tags again ^^

Kena tag by lydia...

1. What do you like the most?
Se.. i mean may baby. Haha

2. The thing(s) you desire the most.
SE.. Akh. I mean more money and more time..

3. The thing(s) you value the most.
My relationship, my studies, my brain(s), my gundams, and my family (i guess)

4. Important treasure.
Er... so many la. Me car?

5. The most expensive item you've bought.
Destiny EBM, RM... ek. Cannot tell.. Later got ppl report ><

6. When do you feel happiness?
When i'm wit may, when i look at my gundams, when i've accomplished something i wanted to do.

7. What made you sad recently?
"I'm getting married this summer" T_T

8. Thing(s) you want to learn.
Learn how to be a better man, learn how to debate better, learn how to control temper (halfway there), learn how to mod gundam, and... learn how to become NOT lazy

9. Your dream when you were young.
Can't remember

10. If there's US$100 million, how will you use it?
Well, cos there've been alot of ppl answering putting it in bank and eat interest, i thought it'll be boring for me to say the same thing. So my answer is:
~ 1. Put all of them into a box.
2. Simply point to any spot in any map.
3. Go to that place.
4. Dig a deep hole and bury the box.
5. Put a sign post "US$100 million here!! Dig faster dig!!"

11.If you're going on a vacation, what one thing will you bring?

12. If you have 3 wishes.
i. More money
ii. More time
iii. More luck

13. When was the last time you cried?
few days ago

14. Do you feel happiness now?
Well, yes after finishing my WZC. No after wat she told me T_T

15. What does life mean to you?
Full of unfairness and inequality

16. If you can only bring 3 things with you.
Credit card, Money, IDENTITY CARD!!

17. If you can only live one more year.
"Slap you only you know." Couldn't agree more lydia

18. Tag 5 people
Samuel, B-Cup, Shirlyn, Shu fei, sim mei