Sunday, April 13, 2008

Think this is the first time i've won any medal. And i got a gold medal too!! ^^

A friend of mine asked me, "Wanna play football, for college?"

I said yeah, sure. So i was told, it's a 7v7 field game, 5 minutes per half.

So ok la, brought boots and all.
Morning went there, and a news update:
"This is the rule, must play with kaki ayam, and
*drum rolls.....

*wait for it....

wear kain pelikat (sarong) while playing."

And yes i went o_O wtf??

First game playing wit sarong, i almost fell, cos the sarong was dropping down while running...
And after game only realised, my right foot got a deep cut ><

Cos the field is very very similar to a sawah padi; with muds and stones ><
Towards the end, with countless numbers of trampling over the field, eventually the stones in underneath the mud was unearthed.
And yeah, running with sharp stones poking your feet ain't exactly the best feeling in the world.

Oh well, at the end of the day, got a medal, kira ok la.

And yeah, a failure i was today too ><
Saw a, well, quite pretty girl, playing bola jaring game. Thought wanna go talk to her maybe after game.

See the bola jaring ended and they all go home ady T____T

Niamah, a chance missed..

Missing out