Sunday, March 9, 2008

Voted for change

An awakening article, and which i believe is very true. Although the election had started, just wanna share this wit u guys

When the small group of rival debaters with mutually benefiting interests
sat together to form this network of Malaysian debaters, debate elements
were not our only concern. We worried if we were contravening rules designed
to control university students. We worried if our gathering in that
McDonalds was an illegal assembly. We worried if speeches made in the
pursuit of excellence would be seditious, and would our government or
university stand up for us.

Thankfully those worries have not come to fruit, but neither have they
dissappeared. We have a thriving community, powered by bright, vocal,
engaging youth. It is a free and fair community, without compulsion or
politics or racism. But above and around us hang a blanket of fear, powered
by selfishness, idiocy and brutality.

Irregardless your political ideology (in Malaysian politics, that just means
race) what cannot be denied is the political dominance of the party in power
has made them arrogant and abusive. Corruption is not a shameful exception,
it is a way of life. Trial before incarceration is not a right, it is a
luxury in the hands of one man. It is not citizens who run this country
through their politicians, it is citizens who are kept running so career
politicians can get fat and build palaces.

Malaysia needs change, and we need to bring it.

If you have decided you will vote for change, good on you. Now you need to
spread and empower that change. Give your friends and family 3 good reasons
to vote the party in power out, lend your articulate voice to those who are
putting their mortgages on the line to run in your name, share your ideas
and make their ideas better. You don't have to stand on the front lines, but
you can support those who do. I can tell you where to start.

If you have decided to vote to keep the status quo, please tell me why. As a
fellow Malaysian, I deserve to know why you are condemning me to more of
same, so I may explain to the people who suffer why their neighbours think
this is still the better choice.

But you must decide, and you must act.

This is not a directive, this is a plea. A personal plea to friends with
whom I share a passion and a nation. We have a golden chance to make change,
but we must make, not just hope for it.

At the end of the day, what this boils down to, is that this is one debate
that could actually change your life depending on what you say, and who you
vote. Use your 7 days well.


It's from one of the most prominent former debater of Malaysia. I felt it's really thought provoking. And i believe it's being implemented now. Till i get more info and confirmation, i'll start my next post shortly.

Vote for change.