Sunday, March 23, 2008


Argh.... Hate it whenever it happens. Whole body go so tired i can't even do a single damned thing.
On another note, i cooked for dinner again. Yay! Not too bad this time, made soup, vege and sausages.

My friends were eating happily, thank goodness they like it ^^
But i can only eat a few spoonfuls. My body still rejects insertion of food.

Hey... Maybe this is a good plan for diet! Eat less ma.. Haha.
I suffered from indigestion last sem too. For whole of 2 weeks i eat less than a cat. Yeah lost lotsa weight of cos. Hmmm....

No girls don't do this. It affects your health badly!! U'll have no energy to do anything wan!


Samuel said...

hmmmm.. I think I am also having indigestion problem.. everything I eat don't seems to come out wan.. damn..

lol:D err maybe is constipation not indigestion