Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh well, miss EV demanded me to answer her question which i removed in the tag; there's just too many la..

Let's see...
1. (ok EV hope u're gonna laugh your ass off over this). I kinda vaguely remembered this, happened when i was very young (~5 y.o.o). So there i was, climbing up the stairs to the top of the slide. Some sense of triumph within me, as i've reached the top. I saw down, ready to slide down to my oblivion. Suddenly, i heard my uncle went "Aaww..." and my cousin "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" I was blur, they pointed to my pants. Oops.. my peepee was out, the shorts i wore koyak wan >< I couldn't remember the rest.

2. Was in tuition centre, Prasad. That dude just passed us some new paper, with questions naturally. He was talking in front, i was looking thru the paper. Prasad stopped talking (i dunno why), i didn't notice and was looking at the questions, and went "Walauwe!!" (kinda loud). That time, the whole class was very quiet, and suddenly i said out loud "Walauwe!!"
Everyone, i mean EVERYONE turned around and looked at me (i was sitting at the back), Prasad also puzzled at what happened.

3. Let's see.... I've got a few moments too many when suddenly alot of faces turn to me ><
Ah... Here's one. In Pandiyan's tuition class (why do i get embarrassed in tuition classes so often wan?) Well he was teaching something (Radioactive decay i think), i was like kinda dreamy. Pandiyan said, "Kinwai come back from 6AS1 ady."

That's about it i can recall la, although there're still alot more
hope i managed to make u laugh chocolatesouffle, without the h ya?


amy-da-great said...

I love Mr. Pandiyan for that man...

MyKy said...

>>amy: Ugh... Naturally, everyone laughed ><