Thursday, March 6, 2008


Taken from esther. Since i'm not into makeups, i'll cut out the first few parts.


Do you color your hair?
just a bit. My hair too black till can't even see the dyed part T_T

What is your stylist's name?
er, she cut for me a few times ady. Priscilla, in a saloon near my uni

What salon do you go to?
You and Me.

What is your natural hair color?
Black black

What is your hair color now?
Black black

Do you have straight or curly hair?
wavy a bit

Do you use a curling iron?
nay. my hair will curl the iron

A straightener?
likewise, my hair will bend the straightener

What kind?

Do you use a blow dryer?

Do you use gel, and if so, what kind?
Gel. Gatsby!

Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?
no no

What shampoo do you use?
pantene anti-dandy

What conditioner do you use?
seldom use, pantene conditioner.

Do you use leave in conditioner?


What deodorant do you use?
Nivea also. haha

What body wash do you use?
Shokobutsu orange!!

Do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?
nay, good ol' fashion hand wash

What perfumes do you use or like? Name five.

In no particular order.


Dior Addict (it has some serious effects on me, e.g. knees go weak)

CK for her (likewise, though not as strong as addict)

CK for him (clear and simple scent)

Do you always have to smell good?
Well duh! It annoys me to no end when i sniff some weird odour from myself. ARGH!!!


Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
I guess so, wit all those bigger-than-BN's-propaganda, they must be

What is your jewelry essential?
A ring. Wear it everytime i go out

What jewelry do you wear most?
Ring ring

What jewelry do you crave most?
None in particular..

Purses and Shoes

How many purses do you own?
Own no purse ^^

Which is your favorite?
As said, i have none ><

How many shoes do you own?
let's see.... 4. Should've been 5!! Dunno which mo-fo stole ONE side of my Puma leather. Ma de fa de la...

Which pair is your favorite?
Puma White leather. It's so smoooooth baby. Just need to wax in every week

Who is your favorite handbag designer?
I've seen a few nice one. But often i forget the name/designer

Who is your favorite shoe designer?
For myself, i usually like Puma designs, sleek and smooth. Nike and Adidas have some nice ones as well.
For women, i usually like Vincci's shoes. Gimme a break i don't go to those designer brands wan.

This or that

Manolos or Jimmy Choos?
neither. No money....

Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel?
Chanel would be nice

Micheal Kors or Bebe?
sape tu?

Louis Vuitton or Coach?

Gucci or Prada?
Gucci baby....

*note: i've got no money to spend on any of the above.. It's just preference


Favorite Magazine to read?
Cleo. Been busy lately, till haven't got time to read the latest issue. It's on the cupboard right now, untouched

Favorite nail polish?
None. I buff my nails though, but lately no time ady.

Favourite Book?
Quite a number here. let's see, which one shall i list first.
1. Dan Brown's
Angels and Demons (I read this 3 times! very nice...)
Da Vincci Code (Read the book! Don't watch the movie!)
Deception Point (kicks ass... But after reading 2 of his books, u sorta anticipated the twist)

Favorite Band?
Linkin Park baby...

Favorite Girly Movie?
Let's see....
I can't recall any tht i like la.

But i like Russell Peters though!!

Are you high maintenence?
Nay. I'm very LOW maintenance.
Then where da heck my money go to??

If ever I'm called high maintanence, the chances are prolly because (period) I'm so picky on food then! LOL.

Do you enjoy being a girl?
I dunno. I'm a dude ><
But let's say i'm a girl eh...

I guess so. Coercing guys into treating me good. Getting gifts and presents on Valentine's, birthday, Christmas Day, New Year Day, Merdeka Day, Chinese calender Birthday....
Can get rides to anywhere, no need pay for dinner, get free drinks.

Hell yeah it'll be good to be a lady!
But wait. I'm sure i wouldn't look attractive if i was a girl ><
Let's just stick with being a guy eh


Esther said...

nivea also. yay high five!

wth. russell peters is not a girly movie also. it's not even a movie! hahha

ey if being a girl can get so many gifts on so many occassions, then where did all my gifts go?? lol

ahfun said...

aiyo dude....apa itu? what kinda questions you subjecting yourself to?? how can you be qualified to answer stuff like that beats me............

but weird begets weirder!

MyKy said...

to_esther: Haha. I dunno what else i can put in ady ma.

to_ahfun: welcome to the world of tags, where u ask yourself a bunch of questions (silly and weird sometimes). Good for future reference, just in case u forgotten what perfume u used to like. Haha