Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on WZC

That stands for Wing Zero Custom, which is the Gundam i'm working on currently.

The wings, left side is polished with Tamiya Compound Fine, the right just plain silver

Left wing, polished. Personally i didn't like it.

The right side, without polishing. Prefer this one, has a more metallic look

Body frame; gold.

Front side. Hope can get the shine effect in this pic.

With flash. A bit too bright, but think can get the gold effect a bit here.

Today's progress ain't too bad. Finished AB all the joints for the wing parts. Left it in the shop to dry, and took back the body frame only as a sample.

Tomoro (friday) i planned not to go wan, gotta study abit (who am i kidding...), but then this dude says he mod his Freedom (a gundam) with LED inside. It's so cool la, so gotta go and see how he does it.

Haha haha. Excuses.....


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