Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pisses off Me

Yay. Hurray for the people's power! We've voted for change!

Piss off No.1:
But wtf is with the system... PAS has lowest votes but MB for Perak was chosen from PAS?
2nd Penang bridge is cancelled. Why? Penang under control of Opp.

Piss off No.2:
I dunno bout u guys, but it sickens me, whenever the newspaper tells success stories of how many A's were scored for SPM. The latest record is at 21 A1's and 1 A2. I'm sure that the mass media was among the culprit of the status of mentality of Bolehlandites today; your worthiness is judged by the amount of A's u get.

It's one thing to get A's, but i felt it's totally the other to get more A's than necessarily needed. 22 subjects?? WTF. Ppl might get the idea that this dude studies really hard and hence his work pays off.

As i always love to put it, there's always another way to look at shit.

Something must be terribly wrong with the system that A's can be obtained so easily. In fact, SPM's standard at best is questionable. During my years, i heard this phrase, and it's never ever gonna let slip from my memory.

It was a workshop on how to score for A person asked if she gave such an answer to a question, is it correct. The speaker promptly replied "Jawapan itu betul tetapi tidak diberi markah."
O_o Betul tapi takde markah?

So, our students now, are we:
A. Concerned in pursuing knowledge and understand what we learn
B. Nay, just gimme the formulas and things i need to know to get an A.

U tell me...

Pissing off.


Samuel said...

Well... actually I don't want to say this but Msia Edu System.... SUX TO DA MAX!!....

we don have any quality students at all... before entering university I was so afraid that inside here everyone is super smart and good at they are good at....

but then now... the only thing I know about university is... wait for few weeks before exam.. study past year.. and volla... damn... worst part is I dunno what I had been studying for like 2 years...sigh

MyKy said...

Haha. Thankfully at least i know wat i'm learning and studying. Still using studying techniques for STPM.

buttercup said...

yeah.. and i heard that, last time, they prohibited ppl from taking more than 20 subs d.. rite?

and it's a cadbury who got it this time. and guess what? his petua is "susu madu". i guess there'll be more malays died of diabetes.

MyKy said...

Haha ya. Such 'high achievers' seems to have some sort of 'secret formula.'

Soon u'll see ads with such high achievers telling u how the scored As; they eat at Restoran Vargina, sing Negaraku everyday, etc. haha