Sunday, March 2, 2008

It was really close, just a breath away from making it to the headlines;

"5 pelajar UTM maut dalam kemalangan ngeri lebuh raya."

Seriously... I'm still haunted by the incident. As said in previous post, we went to KLIUC friendly over the weekend. On the way there (i drove us there), it was raining quite heavily along the way. Was following behind a car (Toyota Wish), and going at 100km/h (relatively slow).

Suddenly, i felt as though the steering's rebelling my control. So i grasp it harder. The next thing i know is, the whole car swerved to the left. Control over the car was lost!

1. I was holding the wheels hard, and managed to steer it back.
2. There's no car on the left lane.
3. I didn't slam on the brake.
4. I kept my cool.

If any, ANY of the 4 didn't occur, i wouldn't be here posting an entry on blogspot.
It still amazes me, how i can be so cool and composed when that happened. But after that, whenever i think about it, i really prayed to God (anyone up above there) and thank Him (Them) for saving our lives.

It was close. It's either we reach KLIUC, or we reach hospital, or worse, we end up in a mortuary.

Fortunately, we reached KLIUC in one piece, and we're back to UTM in one piece as well. I shall blog on the tourney next entry.

Gratefully signing out.


Samuel said...

100 km/h on a heavily raining condition.... very slow hor....

for normal condition, tat also consider fast d la..


you shud really "tong kai wuan san" d lor

Esther said...

kin wai!! thank God you're safe wei.

drive slower la "kwun ji hui tau thoi" meh?

MyKy said...

to_sammy: Yeah, doing that deep inside my heart.. Gratefulness to the Greatness up above in the skies.

to_esther: I was driving slow!! 100 only le! Haha...