Monday, March 3, 2008


hApart from the 5 minutes of 'fame' that we almost got into, the friendly were quite good. At least the newer debaters somewhat reached my expectation of them. Yes! I'm glad we're making progress.

There guys from Uniten, KLIUC itself, UKM, MMU cyber, IIUM as well as UiTM Shah Alam. It's fun to see some newer faces, cooler still to see familiar faces (I swear Ips look like a Jamaican now. He's an indian though).

Overall there were 4 rounds, with 1 final round. From UTM, we have 1 team (3 debaters, 1 reserve; me) and 2 adjudicators. I wasn't exactly in the team, although i was more like an observer.
So, for the first 2 rounds, i just let the guys handle themselves, while intervening every now and then to help out. Of cos mistakes were made, but they're learning from it. I can only see improvement in them.

On the other hand, in the 3rd round, Uniten were nowhere to be found! So a swing team was required. FYI, swing is made of ppl who're not debating in the tourney. Seeing i wasn't debating (well, technically), i volunteered. And holy crap! I was teaming up with Dr Omar! For those not in the debate community, Omar's achieved the status of DemiGod in debate. He's been around ever since Uni Debate was established. And hell yeah he's good. Feels... surreal to be debating with him! To be with a legend! Wow.... Yes Esther it's almost equivalent to u going up the stage and singing along with the BSB's.

For the last round, because the motion was like so.... "Waaaaat?? O_o" i have to debate for the team. The motion? "This house believes that Ronald McDonald should run for US president." Yeah, like WTF...

But we won!! Haha. Because the opposition team couldn't adapt and failed to engage with us. Lol!

B4 we went back to UTM, we had dinner at this restaurant; Pizza San Francisco. The pizzas are like soooooo gooooood. The amount of cheese were just nice. It's quite new too, eating pizza with cili padi! They sprinkle some of those hot lil' things on the pizza, so when u bite into those cheesy crusts u can feel the heat. Revolutionary!!

Another record in my book of driving experience. From Serdang (UPM) to UTM JB, it took me only about 2 hours 15 minutes.

Yeap that was FAST..
Tiu wtf was going at only 170.. Usually at 180 wan.

Driving out