Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 may very well compete with year 2003, the year tsunami hit SE Asia region, in terms of ending the year with a bang.

Of cos there're lots of events in between, but towards the end, it got especially BIG. Starting off with Hindraf movement which caused quite a mess in Negaraku. Myanmar military opened fire at demonstrators, killed a Japanese reporter, Bhutto got assassinated, Kenya's situation gotten really really bad, and the latest Health Minister Chua got his share of the limelight, too bad it was on the wrong side of him (pun intended).

Bhutto's death was a real tragedy to the world, or at the very least to her party and supporters. Well i guess everyone would've seen in it coming, being targeted by bomb attacks on her return to Pakistan after years of exile. Who's behind it? No one knows. But one can be sure of the chaos caused due to her death.

Yes, while democracy seems to be the best platform/system to govern a country, i feel it may not be applicable to every single country, especially in those 3rd World Nations. Yes it's good to be able to voice out your own opinion. But not all notice that their voice is not the only important ones. Disagreeing with others is one matter, choosing not to listen to their reasoning is pure ignorance. Worse is when one forces the other to agree.

Election is coming up in Negaraku as well. I'm not registered yet. But even if i were, who should i vote for? I'm not really into BN; ruling over the country for 50 years is waaaay too long a period. I'm not saying a new party should take over the government. What i feel is that there need to be a substantially strong opposition party as well, to neutralise the government. Exactly what i feel about democracy. The beauty of the system lies in 2 opposing parties, acting and counter acting each other, all for the betterment of the country. Hence comes in voicing out, AND listening to the others.

More often than not, we tend to listen to our own voice. As the saying goes (or does it?), "The wise one listens."

Maybe we should all revert to communist and socialist....
Nay, why not all watch Opera Winfrey and all be happy!

Signing out.

P.S: I hope this post is not too political. The gov is hunting down bloggers who tries to create "disharmony" among the ppl. My msg to them is, "Not here, try looking in Friendster."


Samuel said...

nvm kin wai... nobody is trying to arrest you yet... your ass is still squeaky clean so far

Porcupine said...

they're trying to erase internet freedom as well?