Saturday, January 19, 2008

More PICS!!

Ok ok sorry la such long overdue. Pictures from World's in Thailand!

The place where first event was held when we arrived. It's actually the students' hostel.

The statues are gold plated. For real!!

They got a nice lake with a palace thing overviewing the lake (complete with swans and geese)!! And Mel's doing the Pope-shitting-in-the-woods pose. Lol.

Sorry. Didn't rotate it..

With the girls from USM.

Ok one last pic b4 i go to sleep. Will continue some other time.

Dinner at Pattaya with guys from UM. Yeah tht dude looked stupid eh? He's the best speaker for Royals... Never judge a book by its cover eh? lol


gypsy-on-the-move said...

for a student hostel, the place looks grand to me.

MyKy said...

yeah it's very nice. Too bad i forgot to take pic of the room..

It has a 29" TV, air-cond, mini bar, toilet with water heater. And got house keeping services some more. The Uni really look like a palace..

Samuel said...

what the heck! mini bar! is hotel or hostel? diu..

why can't our uni hostel have one of those!

iSk said...

more more more....

Esther said...

damn hi-class rite their hostel. so enjoyable, how they study ah?! lol

thorn among the roses! (pic #5) hahah