Saturday, January 12, 2008

la la la

We're into the 2nd week of classes. Sigh.... still not in the mood to study. Haha i guess this applies to everyone else eh?

Lecturers weren't tht bad. So far so good i suppose. Which is a good thing!

It's good now tht i got internet connection in my room, with a cost of cos. Haha. The speed wasn't tht great, the stability isn't some thing to be proud of either. But oh well, at least now can check mail daily from my room.

Gonna have debate's first meeting next Thursday. Hopefully everything will turn out nice. I'm still a pessimist when it comes to these sorts of things. Always have the thought that no one would come. ARGH!!
Speaking of which though, there're quite alot of stuffs which i still need to learn. Dealing with HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar) especially, with the processes and applications. Dealing with them can drive one crazy man.

I go to this dude, he ask me to go to another guy. Then that guy say i need to fill in some form first. After filling in then he tell me to see another mister to get his signature. But mister is out for tea. So? We gotta wait till he come back..
It's like they're pushing you over here and there. I bet this is exactly their ploy, so at the end of the day they don't need to do any work at all.

"Eh, pagi tadi ade org cari ko tak?"
"Ade! Aku suruh dia pergi cari X"
"La... ko yg suruh ya.. Nasib baik aku suruh dia minta tandatangan dulu."
"Rasanya dia tak dapat kot. Haha terlepas la kita!"

And they all laugh their ass off over another successful evasive maneuver of tasks....

Bleh.. I've said i don't wanna become prez ady wan...


lomarambor said...

hang in there dude!!! ur doing well so far!! a nice lil prez!!