Saturday, January 12, 2008

As said, thought just to share this with u guys.
Notice the 'peace' sign by her left hand too. Lol..

Just finished assembling my new Destiny gundam. Well not exactly complete, still left the shield, rifle and beam launcher cannon.

Here it is with other 3 gundams!

Plus a little one on the bottom right.. Haha. Ken left his digi cam at home... So i can only use my web cam, which isn't very good.

Destiny close up:

Maybe i'll post more pics next time..


Porcupine said...

Check out the bad ass sword on Destiny!!!
They're still selling the Chibi versions meh?
I've been looking like hell for them...
How much do they cost?

Samuel said...

walao... action la now with all those gundam posing there!

err... that female gundam doesn't look like female oso.. even those male gundam got a much more better boobies than here... sigh

MyKy said...

to_pork-q-pine: yeah they have! u'll normally get your best chance if u look at lowyat, or times square lvl 5 (the Mc'D level). The chibi Destiny is RM30. Complete with wings some more!

to_sam: Ha ha ha. Tak kan u wan me to keep them under the bed ar?

Aw come on, it is female looking la. Don't la just look at boobs nia

is said...

ala biasalar, first time memang susah.

dah biasa 'masuk' okay lar, hep pun macam tuh.

weh, mana gambar worlds????

Q said...

lol at the Sailor Moon Gundam... I remember seeing a lineart of it somewhere before when the Nadleeh Gundam was revealed (as some people were comparing the two and commented about the femininity...).

Anyway, is that a MG Destiny? Looking good indeed. I only got a HG 1:144 one, along with some other random HG Seed series stuff.

Nice blog, I may pay a visit again if there's time.

MyKy said...

to_Is: ya ya. aku terlupa lak gambar world's!! akan post soon

to_q: hi Q! Yeah some say it's based on sailormoon art. Another dude argued it's based on Japanese school girl uniform! Lol.

Yeah it's MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode. When there's sufficient photos/poses i'll post it up. Yeah do come again eh!