Monday, January 28, 2008

WTF... had class from 8 to 5 pm today. with only 1 hour break from 1 to 2 pm.
Holy crap.... It's gonna be waaaay worse next time when i start working life.. WAARRGGHH!!

Anyhows, HEP has a hobby of toying around with the students i'm sure. Mel was supposed to do the admin work today, but was, well, halau'ed by the office people for not obeying the Smart Day law.

FYI, every monday in UTM is a Smart Day, i.e. students will have to (like it or not) wear formal outfits in the vicinity of the campus. Mel isn't exactly wearing something very informal, in fact it IS formal, a long sleeve button up shirt and a slack. Looks perfectly formal to me. But not if according to the HEP... Says them, have to wear skirt.

WTF WTF... So there i was, rushing from my fac to pick up Lionel, another debate dude, to handle the stuffs. All these while i was having class. WTF WTF.. Well, at least it's a good wake up call, i was dead sleepy at class.... >_<

Thankfully, matter kau tim. Hopefully, this wednesday will be good....

Signing out.

P.S: Never ever expected air brushing to be so difficult.. 2 days and i'm only done with the blue parts of my Exia. Guess will have to finish the rest after CNY


Samuel said...

haha... you should go debate with the HEP.. tell them, first you ask girl not to wear too revealing clothes now.. you forbid them from wearing pants and instead should wear skirt...i tot skirt for them is also consider revealing!

if wanna wear skirt, mind as well all girl wear mini skirt to class next time!.. that would be extremely nice for me....