Sunday, January 20, 2008

More of more PICs!

Mysterious looking hallway...

"Allo? Wan borrow money ah?"

Forgot who's that dude on the left, on the right it Sir Issac Newton.. i think..

Pop the bottle!!

No, it's not a church. It's a CATHEDRAL!! Inside the campus!! FYI, Assumption Uni is funded by the Vatican City itself.

A very nice picture found in the museum. Yes they have built-in museum! I dunno wat is it called, is it motive?

'la trophy of WUDC...

No i couldn't find the application form....

At the Champion's night, with USM ppl.

Main category semi finals.

Teruk betul la mel... day time also wanna drink. Dah lah sick.. Ish

Nothing like watching as the sun sets....

"Damn... This.. Sands are killing me!"

At the grand finals. No idea who the lady is

Everyone's waiting for the finals!!

The convener, TJ, riding on an elephant to the stage to initiate.... very grand eh?

Debate in progress

Tht's Fiona from Monash, i always love her speech. Very funny

At the Finals dinner. Got guys from UM, IIUM, UT MARA. Wat's with EZ's face though... (guy in coat, at bottom right)

Behold! The 2nd and 1st best speaker for ESL (English as Secondary Language), Zuliana and Catherine from UM!!

The closing act, release of flying lanterns. Thankfully no forest fires were reported the next morning though.

Ok ok.. Tht's all i can do for now. Will post more of more of more pics next time k?


Samuel said...

popping the bottle only meh? you can do better than that right!

song la you.. get to go to the beach at thai.. and "sight-seeing" summor!