Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So.. Melissa and I went to see one of the ketua of HEP today, En. Farid, to hand in the reports for World's and etc.

Well, one plus point (as Keith had ady told us), is that he's very very supportive of our debate club. The first thing he said to us was, "Debate is my life. I've been debating since primary school, sec, all the way to uni." Tht's something we were very glad to hear. In fact, he's willing to do everything in his power yo help us push the club.

We were told alot of things, although most of them had ady been passed by Keith himself. But i guess it has a different sort of feel when the big boss himself tells u again personally.

One new thing/idea was to find our club a sponsorship, therefore we can get further fundings for the club. Well, MMU has done it, with Public Bank. He showed us the example of AIESEC collaborating with private companies as well.

Personally, i felt it's a great idea. I nvr thought of it before. Heck, i didn't even know it's possible. So i'll be adding that to my list. But on a whole, i guess my priority for the club this sem remains; to focus on the members and train hard. Farid agreed with my opinion as well, tht to start small and have a concrete foundation first.

Tht being said, i have several other concerns as well, i.e. the members. I'm always quite negative when it comes to organise events of some sort, i always worry ppl won't turn up. Well, Is and Keith told me to start pushing ppl, maybe tht's something i gotta do soon.

K k. Enough ramblings. Very hungry now, just came back from football and bathed...

Signing out.

P.s: Sorry Is, this weekend not going for IIUM league. I still feel uncomfortable not having any training with the members first.