Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNY coming!! Woo Hoo. It's the time of the year again when u're actually happy to see something red. Haha. Of course there're other times when it's good to see it in green instead.

It's the time to pay visits to each other's house; friends, relatives, teachers, lecturers,
and all the people around, all for more ang pau/money for fostering relationships and to build up the atmosphere!

Ah... but then again, once again i have no choice but to go back to my hometown at Labis, Johor. Well, it used to be fun to go back when i was young. But now, all my other cousins have grown up and grown out of the place; leaving me sitting along on the couch for 4/5 days on CNY. Bleh... Well yeah it' boring of cos. No offence to my aunts and grandma, but there's really nothing for me to do there.

And it's funny too. The hols usually start before CNY, and ends few days after CNY. So it'll be like this for me; Drive back to Klang from Johor upon starting of hols, drive back to Johor for CNY, back to Klang after CNY, and back to Johor again after hols. Yep, so that's 4 trips of 300++km each CNY folks. The furthest distance traveled in the duration of 1 week plus...

Well this year's gonna be a bit different though, since the hols end on the 4th day of CNY. At least it's gonna save me the journey having to go back to Klang. This time will drive onwards to UTM right from Labis.

Only cons is that, i can't celebrate CNY wit me friends T_T, which ultimately mean less ang pau which is a sad sad thing. Oh well, it's been like that for quite some time ady anyways.

Hmm.. all in all, have a happy Chinese New Year of the Rat/Mouse!! Kong Hei Kong Hei!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

WTF... had class from 8 to 5 pm today. with only 1 hour break from 1 to 2 pm.
Holy crap.... It's gonna be waaaay worse next time when i start working life.. WAARRGGHH!!

Anyhows, HEP has a hobby of toying around with the students i'm sure. Mel was supposed to do the admin work today, but was, well, halau'ed by the office people for not obeying the Smart Day law.

FYI, every monday in UTM is a Smart Day, i.e. students will have to (like it or not) wear formal outfits in the vicinity of the campus. Mel isn't exactly wearing something very informal, in fact it IS formal, a long sleeve button up shirt and a slack. Looks perfectly formal to me. But not if according to the HEP... Says them, have to wear skirt.

WTF WTF... So there i was, rushing from my fac to pick up Lionel, another debate dude, to handle the stuffs. All these while i was having class. WTF WTF.. Well, at least it's a good wake up call, i was dead sleepy at class.... >_<

Thankfully, matter kau tim. Hopefully, this wednesday will be good....

Signing out.

P.S: Never ever expected air brushing to be so difficult.. 2 days and i'm only done with the blue parts of my Exia. Guess will have to finish the rest after CNY

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Phew.... Really, air-brushing is definitely no easy task. Only tried it, for about 30-40 minutes. I was there at the shop since 2 pm, till 7 pm.

I was there all the time dismantling the whole Gundam Exia, and sanding off the snip parts. THAT, is no easy feat.... Man! Imagine the time i'll need to dismantle my other 4 MGs!!

But air-brushing is indeed fun. U get to see how the colors are slowly being applied to each components.

But then again... i haven't even begin with colours!! So far only done with priming the parts. Priming is spraying the parts first with a, um, solution. So to ensure when the colours are applied, it'll stick to the surface.

Taken some pictures here and there. Will post it up next time. BTW though, this session burnt another hole in my wallet.... 60 bucks for thinner and the priming solution. Oh well, it's gonna be used for long term.

Signing out

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wat's this terrible headache i'm experiencing??!!

It's been wit me for almost 1 week now. Past few days getting really bad, the pain almost constant.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Argh.... The disease has been around and today i caught it.

It's not much as an impulsive buy, calculations and considerations were taken into account.
I've checked on the market price, the quality, feedbacks and all. Plus, i wanna learn air brushing technique. So, better to do the learning process on a cheaper kit.

Till i realise, "Shit!! My last unit was on only last month!"

This, is what i bought....

1/100 Gundam Exia, at 83 bucks, after a 20% discount.

Oh well oh well...

So.. Melissa and I went to see one of the ketua of HEP today, En. Farid, to hand in the reports for World's and etc.

Well, one plus point (as Keith had ady told us), is that he's very very supportive of our debate club. The first thing he said to us was, "Debate is my life. I've been debating since primary school, sec, all the way to uni." Tht's something we were very glad to hear. In fact, he's willing to do everything in his power yo help us push the club.

We were told alot of things, although most of them had ady been passed by Keith himself. But i guess it has a different sort of feel when the big boss himself tells u again personally.

One new thing/idea was to find our club a sponsorship, therefore we can get further fundings for the club. Well, MMU has done it, with Public Bank. He showed us the example of AIESEC collaborating with private companies as well.

Personally, i felt it's a great idea. I nvr thought of it before. Heck, i didn't even know it's possible. So i'll be adding that to my list. But on a whole, i guess my priority for the club this sem remains; to focus on the members and train hard. Farid agreed with my opinion as well, tht to start small and have a concrete foundation first.

Tht being said, i have several other concerns as well, i.e. the members. I'm always quite negative when it comes to organise events of some sort, i always worry ppl won't turn up. Well, Is and Keith told me to start pushing ppl, maybe tht's something i gotta do soon.

K k. Enough ramblings. Very hungry now, just came back from football and bathed...

Signing out.

P.s: Sorry Is, this weekend not going for IIUM league. I still feel uncomfortable not having any training with the members first.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mysterious looking hallway...

"Allo? Wan borrow money ah?"

Forgot who's that dude on the left, on the right it Sir Issac Newton.. i think..

Pop the bottle!!

No, it's not a church. It's a CATHEDRAL!! Inside the campus!! FYI, Assumption Uni is funded by the Vatican City itself.

A very nice picture found in the museum. Yes they have built-in museum! I dunno wat is it called, is it motive?

'la trophy of WUDC...

No i couldn't find the application form....

At the Champion's night, with USM ppl.

Main category semi finals.

Teruk betul la mel... day time also wanna drink. Dah lah sick.. Ish

Nothing like watching as the sun sets....

"Damn... This.. Sands are killing me!"

At the grand finals. No idea who the lady is

Everyone's waiting for the finals!!

The convener, TJ, riding on an elephant to the stage to initiate.... very grand eh?

Debate in progress

Tht's Fiona from Monash, i always love her speech. Very funny

At the Finals dinner. Got guys from UM, IIUM, UT MARA. Wat's with EZ's face though... (guy in coat, at bottom right)

Behold! The 2nd and 1st best speaker for ESL (English as Secondary Language), Zuliana and Catherine from UM!!

The closing act, release of flying lanterns. Thankfully no forest fires were reported the next morning though.

Ok ok.. Tht's all i can do for now. Will post more of more of more pics next time k?

So there i was, at such desperate point. I went googling for Gundam shops near my uni. Turns out there's one, and i don't even need to go all the way to JB!!

The shop name's Fixercise, located at 4th floor at Skudai Parade. Took me a while to find it, as i scouted thru every single floor >_<

But then again....

The prices are expensive!! The latest Destiny EBM, which i bought for RM245, are sold at RM350 there!!

But there's another plus point, the shop lets u use their air-brush for free!! U just have to bring your own paint and thinner.

Too bad i don't have a camera phone... The boss' handwork are simply magnificent. Alot of models were repainted, even customised. Very nice indeed...

Will be going there again this Sat, hopefully can borrow a camera phone from a friend. Lol

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More PICS!!

Ok ok sorry la such long overdue. Pictures from World's in Thailand!

The place where first event was held when we arrived. It's actually the students' hostel.

The statues are gold plated. For real!!

They got a nice lake with a palace thing overviewing the lake (complete with swans and geese)!! And Mel's doing the Pope-shitting-in-the-woods pose. Lol.

Sorry. Didn't rotate it..

With the girls from USM.

Ok one last pic b4 i go to sleep. Will continue some other time.

Dinner at Pattaya with guys from UM. Yeah tht dude looked stupid eh? He's the best speaker for Royals... Never judge a book by its cover eh? lol

Oh yes they can... Check out this pic!
Took it from, a Korean site on all about gundam models. No i dunno wat the words mean there.

In case if u're wondering where on earth they get such a small cigarette... It's a real one. Check out the size of the hand of this thing.

the lil' white box is a cigarette box.

Wait till u see its beam rifle!!

No guys i don't think it can shoot laser beams, or real bullets for tht matter.

Just thought this was something cool/funny i found on the net.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yay another Gundam-related post. Haha.

To the ppl out there who collects Gundam, there's one problem we all face when it come to our prized model; loose joints. For me, i used to stuff tissues (yes, tissue) to tighten the joints again. Yeah it doesn't really work, and it's ugly as well. Imagine u've done a good pose for your Gundams and there's bits of tissue sticking out here and there. UGH!

Was browsing thru Danny's site and i found some very useful tip there, how to solve this problem!!
Simple really, all u need is some white glue, those used to stick wood, like this.

This is how i've applied the technique to fix the hand of Strike..
note: yeah u have to disassemble them first.

Step 1: Squirt some glue onto the joints. u might wanna use a tooth pick to clear up some excess sticky stuffs.
sorry i got no digi cam or camera phone. Just got a web cam. But u get the idea, just dig out excessive glue with the stick.

Step 2: Squirt more onto the connecting joints/holes.

Step 3: Assemble the parts again. Use the good ol' toothpicking device to clear up the blotting mess.

Step 4: Leave it overnight, and voila! Good as new!

So far i've applied this technique to the weapon system, hands, feet and currently fixing the wings of Gundam Wing 0. And make sure u clean your hands of the glue, i'm not responsible should u end up with your pinky stuck to the inside of your nose.

As far as i know, this technique doesn't work on real body parts (in case some of u wanna tighten some place....). But u can always try it out on your best friend. Lol.

Behold! The enlightenment!!

So... i just had my first meeting of the sem for the debate club..

And only so few turned up. wtf...

Wat bad start to the sem. Crap...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

As said, thought just to share this with u guys.
Notice the 'peace' sign by her left hand too. Lol..

Just finished assembling my new Destiny gundam. Well not exactly complete, still left the shield, rifle and beam launcher cannon.

Here it is with other 3 gundams!

Plus a little one on the bottom right.. Haha. Ken left his digi cam at home... So i can only use my web cam, which isn't very good.

Destiny close up:

Maybe i'll post more pics next time..

la la la

We're into the 2nd week of classes. Sigh.... still not in the mood to study. Haha i guess this applies to everyone else eh?

Lecturers weren't tht bad. So far so good i suppose. Which is a good thing!

It's good now tht i got internet connection in my room, with a cost of cos. Haha. The speed wasn't tht great, the stability isn't some thing to be proud of either. But oh well, at least now can check mail daily from my room.

Gonna have debate's first meeting next Thursday. Hopefully everything will turn out nice. I'm still a pessimist when it comes to these sorts of things. Always have the thought that no one would come. ARGH!!
Speaking of which though, there're quite alot of stuffs which i still need to learn. Dealing with HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar) especially, with the processes and applications. Dealing with them can drive one crazy man.

I go to this dude, he ask me to go to another guy. Then that guy say i need to fill in some form first. After filling in then he tell me to see another mister to get his signature. But mister is out for tea. So? We gotta wait till he come back..
It's like they're pushing you over here and there. I bet this is exactly their ploy, so at the end of the day they don't need to do any work at all.

"Eh, pagi tadi ade org cari ko tak?"
"Ade! Aku suruh dia pergi cari X"
"La... ko yg suruh ya.. Nasib baik aku suruh dia minta tandatangan dulu."
"Rasanya dia tak dapat kot. Haha terlepas la kita!"

And they all laugh their ass off over another successful evasive maneuver of tasks....

Bleh.. I've said i don't wanna become prez ady wan...

Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 may very well compete with year 2003, the year tsunami hit SE Asia region, in terms of ending the year with a bang.

Of cos there're lots of events in between, but towards the end, it got especially BIG. Starting off with Hindraf movement which caused quite a mess in Negaraku. Myanmar military opened fire at demonstrators, killed a Japanese reporter, Bhutto got assassinated, Kenya's situation gotten really really bad, and the latest Health Minister Chua got his share of the limelight, too bad it was on the wrong side of him (pun intended).

Bhutto's death was a real tragedy to the world, or at the very least to her party and supporters. Well i guess everyone would've seen in it coming, being targeted by bomb attacks on her return to Pakistan after years of exile. Who's behind it? No one knows. But one can be sure of the chaos caused due to her death.

Yes, while democracy seems to be the best platform/system to govern a country, i feel it may not be applicable to every single country, especially in those 3rd World Nations. Yes it's good to be able to voice out your own opinion. But not all notice that their voice is not the only important ones. Disagreeing with others is one matter, choosing not to listen to their reasoning is pure ignorance. Worse is when one forces the other to agree.

Election is coming up in Negaraku as well. I'm not registered yet. But even if i were, who should i vote for? I'm not really into BN; ruling over the country for 50 years is waaaay too long a period. I'm not saying a new party should take over the government. What i feel is that there need to be a substantially strong opposition party as well, to neutralise the government. Exactly what i feel about democracy. The beauty of the system lies in 2 opposing parties, acting and counter acting each other, all for the betterment of the country. Hence comes in voicing out, AND listening to the others.

More often than not, we tend to listen to our own voice. As the saying goes (or does it?), "The wise one listens."

Maybe we should all revert to communist and socialist....
Nay, why not all watch Opera Winfrey and all be happy!

Signing out.

P.S: I hope this post is not too political. The gov is hunting down bloggers who tries to create "disharmony" among the ppl. My msg to them is, "Not here, try looking in Friendster."