Friday, May 30, 2008

Wat's on the news?

I've been wanting to make fun of blog of wat was in the news lately, but got no time/energy to do it. Since i'm skipping lunch, so do it now lo :p

1. This clown of a joker from a student 'body' claims that the current school uniform is too sexy.
Being myself, my eyebrows was raised to the max and i had to confine myself from laughing out.
It totally made me wonder, "Oh no. How come when i was in school i wasn't aroused by them at all wan? Am i.... gay?"
Naturally, she drew lots of attention/fire. Even the Cabinet is reviewing the uniform. Maybe they'll have this models wearing those uniform and parade in the Parliament..
Funny we don't see any of such incidents in the school :

Nay, my bet is tht the bitch woman just wan to get some attention la.
Wat did most of the ppl respond?
Cheras Highway Barricade
Wow this was quite serious actually IMO. Several ppl was injured and 2 was recuperating in hospital. The issue was a barricade was raised, blocking off a road entering a housing estate.

Side A of story: Residents have to make one big turn to go back to their nagging wife/mum home. In the mornings, it's super jam outside in the highway.

Side B of story: Ppl use high way, then cut thru via the road, hence escaping the toll booth. So, no money.

Looking at it, i'd feel pissed too if i stay there. Really zha tou wan la suddenly the distance to home becomes so far, when it's only so near.
Apparently, the Work Minister visited the place (in Star today), and gonna hold a EGM (if needed) with Grand Saga; the highway developer. Let's see if they can solve this problem..

China Disaster
It's all over the news. Natural disaster striked, ppl die, sufferings. Ppl donate.

Bleh. Beware though, wat i'm gonna say is definitely gonna offend ppl. Kalau tak suka, pls don't read :)

Come on la, why everyone seems to focus only on China? There're nearer victims; i.e. of Nargis @ Myanmar. In fact, Myanmar issues should draw even more attention. The junta has been oppressing the ppl for damn gao long ady. Civilians shot, Monks shot, Reporters shot, Tequilla shot Aung San Syu Kyi (tht how u spell?) still under home arrest, and now Nargis.

Maybe because we see the words 'Made in China' everywhere most only concerned about them...

Of cos there're still aids going to Myanmar. Yesterday's paper said Malaysia is sending/training doctors to go over to help, at Delta.... crap i forgot the name..

The motion to repeal ISA was passed. But whether it stays or belahs i dunno. Someone correct me if i'm wrong though.

Although things i say in my blog might make me eligible to a 2 years free stay in the building, i say i support ISA. I felt it's a necessary evil, especially when Terrorism seems to be the 'in' thing now for mental ppl.

But then, just like our beloved Bolehland always does, wonderful/brilliant policies/ideas like this always get abused/misused.
I say, separate ISA entirely from the Executive body, let it be an independent body as a whole.

But nay...... Semua pun boleh in Bolehland...

Because most ppl always

ya la.. Sebab kalo kato tok suko;

La La La....




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